Cure for Hellatus – #5 Supernatural Magazine

You can see my review of the magazine basics here.

Supernatural Magazine issue 5 came out yesterday! I had some gift cards to spend and thought I may as well pick it up while I was shopping. What the…
The cover to magazine #5 is bright pink.
Bright… pink.
is there any other pair of words that fit the show less than “bright pink”? Seriously, it took me nearly 10 minutes to find this because the BRIGHT PINK kept throwing me off. This issue will have to be the best ever to recover from the cover.

Regulars – Just 1 poster. Dean on one side, Sam on the other. Still no car. =( Rest of the regulars were solid as always, and the Director’s interview seemed a little better this time. Top 5 this issue are Winchester allies. Maintains a 4.


Darkness Falls – Article on Jared Padalecki. Has some pretty good information in it, not a pure fluff piece. It was a special treat to hear some of the pranks he likes to pull on Jensen and Jim Beavers. What were they? I’m not going to spoil it for you! Got to give you some reason to pick up the magazine right? My copy does have a hilarious typo. (on page 16) “‘…but the people who know the show are fans of Jared and myself,’ Padalecki concludes.” 7 pages of goodness brings in a rank of 4.
Location, Location, Location… – Oooo… talk about the actual settings for the show. 8 pages which have not just a good interview, but detail boxes on some of the show’s most famous locales. More features like this please. 5.
Samantha Smith – How to put this. It’s not a bad interview (at least equal to the one with Amber Benson) but… I think I’ll have to do a full article on Mary Winchester soon, might help me gather my thoughts on these 6 pages. Nothing against the actress I swear! Still… only a 3 here.
Supernatural Awards – the Results! – You know what’s the most fun about these? Yelling at the pages about how some fans were wrong! Just kidding. A lot of awards were well deserved, it is a neat little “fan barometer”, but this is another feature I’m going to have to delve into more detail. The envelope please… The ranking, for these 8 pages is… a 5! *cue music*
Crew Cut – I’m not exactly a “film nerd” like some people but I do enjoy reading about the technical aspects of what it takes to make a show/movie. And (full disclosure) as someone who’s made some music videos using video clips (from tv/movies), I was most anxious to read this article (hence why I’m saving it for last). So yes, I am bias towards these 5 pages but they are still a 5.

So how did this issue average out? I kind of want to round up to the max, but this issue HAD A BRIGHT PINK COVER! I’ve got to remove a shell for that.

Awesome interior but man that cover offends my very soul.
Actually, announcement! Assuming I can find the alternate cover to #5 (my new hunting target), I will give away the issue I bought to a lucky contest winner. What is the contest? Ummm…
Hunt for it tomorrow!


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