The Crusade

Somethings shouldn’t die…

Kill things. Save people. Keep flying.

A fanfic project by me. And hopefully others…

16 thoughts on “The Crusade

  1. Hey, I like the Eragon series!!! Really, it’s not the most original tale, but it’s written well, and anyway, different people have different tastes.

    However, I have read the Temeraire series, and I do agree that they are a bit better, as they are a great new twist on the whole dragon/fantasy part of literature.
    I do have one question. As I have not yet read “Victory of Eagles”, I want to know if the little dragon named Suavignon appears in the tale at all anymore, or if she’s even still alive after she was sent to France with the contagion. I really hope she is, as she was an important character in bringing the story forward, and i hope she will continue to do that and to develop as a character.

    • I had to look it up to be sure.

      We don’t see any more of Sauvignon in book 5. However there is still a little, female dragon introduced that you should end up enjoying quite a bit. Now that it’s in paperback, what are you waiting for? Go read!

  2. The Temeraire series? Better than the all-mighty Eragon Saga?!?! I quite agree πŸ™‚ Eragon is an etertaining read, but Naomi Novic can truely spin a tale of interest, and I absolutely love how she created the battles taking place on the dragons as well as around them, though I was disappointed with the endingor the last book, as they were shipped off…

  3. You are not making any sense. I read your book and it is TRASH. The Eragon books are much, much, much better. If your purpose in life is to rid the books of their fans that is sad.

  4. No need to knock Eragon or its fans simply b/c you think another book/series is better written. Lots of us read Eragon simply for the fact that Paolini was 15 when he started it. I’ll give you it’s derivative, but aren’t you being a bit harsh in putting it down? That said, I’ll take your recommendation and read the Temeraire series, too.

    • Well, some of this page is tongue-in-cheek (if you think this blog is all seriousness, might I direct you to the facts page above). As for Paolini’s age…

      Nah. Let me put it this way… Say you’re a vegetarian. Fine, enjoy your meals, I’ll enjoy mine. But say you quite prefer red meat, and in your opinion, the best red meat out there is white castle hamburgers.

      Um… that’s fine but really, if you like those, let me introduce you to some fillet mignon. If you like Paolini, you are going to LOVE Novik. Why settle for the rest when you can enjoy the best?

  5. I don’t think it would be necessary to tear fans away from the Eragon series… I don’t think it should be taken that serious. But I would like to read this other series you speak of..

    • Think of it more like talking someone – who normally eats nothing but junk food – into eating a good, wholesome, home cooked meal. I can’t recommend Novik enough though. I only wish her latest was in paperback already so I could read it. πŸ™‚

  6. Novik is writing Pern/Napoleonic fanfic. Pern fanfic that didn’t even bother to file off the serial numbers. The world makes no sense if you think about it, so I gave up after giving it three books more rope than I should have.

  7. Look, people love all kinds of things that suck big time. I personally love Italian zombie movies but I recognize this as a peculiar personal taste, not a universal law.

    So there is no excuse defending Eragon on the basis that “you like it”. Something in it might appeal to your twisted personality but that doesn’t make it good. The same applies to any successful-but-craptastic piece of trash, like the Twilight series.

    I have not read the Temeraire series but everything about it sounds like I would hate it almost as much as Eragon. I didn’t even like Anne McCaffrey that much so the thought of reading an imitator makes me very suspicious.

    Or maybe I’m just a grump who’s read so much bad fantasy that now it’s hard for me to appreciate even the good stuff.

    • Hmmm… sometime I may have to look at tweaking this page (it does look like there’s been some problems with a format change). Try to make it clearer that the idea is IF you like X, then you should really try Y because it’s much better and more awesome than X (unless you like X for the badness).

      I’m sure ya can think of several examples. πŸ˜‰

      The movie did have the hand of Jabootu all over it. I keep getting sad at all the rumors of Peter Jackson working on the Temeraire movie tv series whatever it is now.

  8. First book? Agreed.

    Second book? Well, it’s a great read, since you already love the characters.

    Last book? My MOM dissed the Temeraire series on that one. Didn’t live up to the first one in the least. (this is the same woman who read and loved the Drizzt series up to about book 9 when I was in high school, loved the Enchanted Forest Chronicles by Wrede, and enjoyed about half of the rest of the books I brought home– all read because she knew that what goes into a young mind is important, and she wanted to be able to warn me away from bad stuff. Only had to do it twice, and in one case I’d detected intellectual garbage and quit reading already.)

    I do much agree that converting folks beats the heck out of dissing what they favor, though.

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