Cure for Hiatus – #7 Supernatural Magazine

Another week, another Thursday night dealing with Supernatural reruns. True we have the epic TDI showdown of Gwen vs Owen to look forward to but as far as Winchester fun goes, we’re out of luck.

What’s that you say?  There’s a new magazine issue?  Huzzah!

(for experimentation purposes, I’m going to “live blog” the magazine, putting up my reviews and thoughts right as I read it)

Wait.  It’s cover is light blue.

Yes that is a step up from the bright pink that was the travesty of issue 5 but still!  Who’s running this magazine that believes a pastel color of any kind should be in the same room as Jensen or Jared? (sole expection: Jensen as Hal Jordan)  Not good magazine.  Not off to a good start at all…

Regulars – We are given a poster of the Impala here, which softens the blow from the cover.  The news page is a snore though.  A lot of it goes over “season 4 talk.”  This issue released on November 23rd, 2008.  …Almost right at the halfway point of the season before the brief hiatus.  Which means that all the “revelations” in this section are more like vague recaps.  Top 5 goes over spooky locations (I’m surprised that one hotel room isn’t listed) and the Director’s cut isn’t too bad.  While I don’t want this magazine to become some rumor-riddled trash, sometimes all the sucking up it does gives me cavaties.  Having the director talk about how fans hated Bella was a nice change of pace.  Recaps, letters section (both serious and silly) were acceptable.  Myths & Legends goes over hellhounds this time with quite a bit more than they had on Lilith.  With the bad dragging down the mediocre and not enough excellent to balance it out, the regulars get a substandard 2.


Jared & Jensen: The Boys are Back in Town – How does the 8 page brother article do this issue?  Better than usual.  It goes over some of the difficulties they had over the writers’ strike, pranks, and Dean’s eating scenes.  One of the draws of the show is the boys overcoming challenges, so seeing the actors overcome their own (not as deadly) challenges in everyday life is like a mini episode.  Let’s give this a 4.

Tales from the Kripke – That’s actually a clever pun.  But… still a pun.  However, the actual contents of the 6 pages is great.  Although I can’t believe the guy drinks Diet Cherry Coke.  I have to violently agree with Kripke on this:  “I think season 4 is going to be a big improvement over season 3 as a result of the writers just getting a moment to breathe.”  He does talk about a SN movie which I think a lot of fans would sell their souls for.  Kripke, congrats on the new kid by the way!  Solid 5.

Inside the Writers’ Room – Being a hobby writer (what? the blog wasn’t a clue), these 6 pages were a geek treat for me. (though with another reference to the new SN offices in 3 articles in a row, might come off repetitive)  And of course, there’s always my professional interest in Sera Gamble.  If you’re not into the behind-the-scenes stuff (or the writing part of it) this part would probably be a 2 or 3.  Since for me personally I’d give it a 5 let’s average out the rating to 4.

Emmanuelle Vaugier: By the Light of the Moon – I wasn’t the biggest fan of the episode Heart and never “realized” the chemistry between Madison and Sam that others apparently did (note: this is my same complaint between Dean & Cassie Robison).  6 pages filled with mostly pictures Emmanuelle (who’s certainly easy on the eyes) but there are a few good bits.  A lackluster 3.

Driver Picks the Music… – One of my favorite parts of the show is the kick ass music and this article is a 4 page top 10 list rundown.  Creedence Clearwater Revival?  Hell yeah!  Although… there was this about #1 (‘Carry on Wayward Son’):

Played over the recaps leading to each season finale, if ever a song had a claim to being Supernatural’s theme song, this one would definitely be in the running.

Wait… that sounds familiar…

There’s a reason that with every season finale “Carry On Wayward Son” (by Kansas) is played over the ‘year in review’ segment. That song is the perfect theme to the whole show!

Should I count someone on the magazine staff as one of my half dozen fans?  Should I sue for royality?  Just kidding!  Rockin’ 5.

Love Hurts – A 5 page tally of the Winchester’s conquests.  Let’s take a moment and discuss these…

  • Jessica Moore – A good fit for Sam with definite chemistry.  Seeing her again in Dean’s genie-fueled dream made the pilot’s heartbreak worse.
  • Cassie Robinson – Dean’s first real on screen relationship… I felt this one had the frequent problem a lot of these shows do: needing to put characters into a relationship in 1 hour.   Nothing against her, but the whole process came off forced.
  • Lisa Braeden – Dean’s almost baby mama.  She had a bit more of what I like to call “quiet chemistry” with him.  They didn’t light up the screen like him and Anna but you could see a long burning ember between them.  You could very much see her being the girl Dean settles down with, mowing her lawn between shifts at the garage.
  • Madison – Remember what I said about Cassie Robinson above?  Paste that down here substituting every instance of “Dean” with “Sam”.   I’d say she and Cassie are textbook definitions of Strangled by the Red String.
  • Sarah Blake – Now here’s a girl that had real sparkage with Sam and the one I’d most root for him to settle down at the end of it all (her and Anna riding in the Impala’s backseat… heh).
  • Carmen Porter – Should a dream girl count?  She struck me as more of a cardboard cutout of Dean’s fantasy than a real person.  Of course, this was a world where he never ran into Lisa Braeden…

There is also a side bar of other women from the Winchesters’ lives.  Jo, Bela, “the Doublemint Twins”, Crossroads Demons and… the Impala.  Well we all know that last one is the true love of Dean’s life.  There are also some great cannonical facts in this article (a handy cheat sheet for trivia contests).  Not bad… a respectable 4.

I know what it all averages out to, but that cover’s color really holds back the issue.  Not as bad as 5 but I’ve got to give this one…

Hardcore fans should definitely pick this up to get them through the long weeks to January 15th. Casual fans can skip this issue unless they really want an Impala poster.

Next issue: Jan 27 (please give us an Anna poster). Until then, keep hunting…


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