Building with the Architect of Aeons

What’s there to say, really?  It’s the 4th book in a series.  If you’ve started it and enjoy it, nothing I can say will get you to stop.  If you hated it and stopped reading, what can I say that will get you to pick it up?

Ok there’s one possibility.  Previously I had complained about not getting to know the villain enough in this saga.  Well this time we get full on villain in the spotlight, even see some things from his perspective.  So if that was bothering you, fear not such has been addressed now.

Otherwise… yeah it is the saga continued.  Keep reading it.  If your a college bound kid looking to bone up on your skills for the SAT, then get this book and a dictionary!  (It could also be a drinking game with some nerdy friends where y’all play, “is it a real word or one made up.”)

Oh and if you were one of those who disliked the movie Independence Day (or similar alien invasion stories), then you definitely owe it to yourself to get to this book.  Because this is when we finally get to watch the Alien vs Human battle royale and there are NONE of the usual tropes here.  In fact one particular moment in this exact book is a straight repudiation of ID4.

(more in depth spoiler discussions below the fold)

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