Brief S11 review (aka Not sad to see Carver go)

I wasn’t really sure if I was going to do an overall season review of Supernatural given I’ve started on that retrospective.  But somebody asked me to so here’s a few thoughts which will probably be expanded to nauseating detail later in the future.

Quick summation: S11 was like…. trying to raise a child that constantly shats on himself.  No matter where or when he just has no bowel control.  One day he declares proudly, “i’m gonna do a cartwheel!”  Right as you prepare for the worst, he successfully makes it over his hands… only to trip on his own shoelace when sticking the landing, sending himself tumbling down the stairs, knocking everything off the furniture, tearing out the front screen door as his momentum carries him end over end towards the sidewalk, tripping the mailman that was approaching as well as a jogging party before coming to a stop in the middle of the street – after a car swerved to avoid hitting him, ramming into your parked car and a few others.  And yet you’re so proud because the kid never once shat his pants during the whole ordeal.

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