Flash Back – 90s Flash episodes 12-15

Man, its hiatus time… not much to write about.  I’m bummed Flash is off the air.  Gues I could write a season 1 review but not much to say that I haven’t already in the episodes themselves.

Oh hey!  What’s this old DVD sitting on my desk?  the Flash?  That’s right!  The 90s era TV show, I didn’t finish rewatching all of it.  Well time get right back into the swing of things.

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iZombie – Season 1

I’ve been watching this show through the season with some bemused interest, but didn’t quite feel the need to talk about it, especially given that there wasn’t much to say about it in general that I hadn’t already said about some other shows.  Leaving the conundrum: Do I repeat myself in the hope that new readers will stop by and appreciate not having to dig through my archives?  Will they find repetition while they dig through archives annoying?  And will either of my readers get fed up with the repetition and go away?  Ah such are the burdens of anonymity.

So yeah, I watched through this season and enjoyed its mix of a little bit Psych, a little bit CSI, and a little bit Supernatural.  It was a fairly creative take on the old police procedural without them breaking suspension TOO much (which is more the fault of my day job than the show writers) while having a premise that wasn’t stretched too much after the first dozen cases or had run thin (like Numbers or Lie to Me could).

Spoiler Free: If you enjoy those type of police procedural shows and like to have a bit of the fantastic mixed in to keep things interesting, I’d say definitely rent this and check it out.  Consistently above average for a 1st season and entertaining.  Keep an eye out for it on redbox or Netflix.

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Nate watches Amazing Spider-Man 2

I took a long time getting to this since I heard so much bad about it.  Still, I love Spider-man action sequences and finally thought: “Well, may as well see it for myself.”

So that was a great Superman movie.

(no seriously, listen to some of the soundtrack and see if it doesn’t sound just like what you’d expect in a supes movie – heck at one point Spidey even carries a car like Superman)

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