Nate’s Works

A collection of some of my ramblings.  Warning: not all of this has been edited, but I hope you enjoy some of them anyway.


Nagasaki Moon
A silly “epic” project that morph’d into a novel.  You want details?  Go here.  Otherwise, just read and have fun.

Star Wars: Episode 1
Explanation here.  And because the originals deserved better.

An Eight Dollar Heirloom Pocket Watch
A story I wrote for and dedicated to my father last year for father’s day.  A hint for the readers: everybody in the story is mentioned/appears at least twice.

the Frontline
An alternative view on where I grew up.

Choices & Consequences
An idea that visits my mind once in awhile.  Maybe someday I’ll expand on it more.

Clinging Memories
The story that won me ImpishIdea’s January 2009 charity contest.  The charity I wrote it for is Kidd’s Kids.

8 thoughts on “Nate’s Works

  1. DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE. I don’t remember where you posted it today…. John C’s blog maybe? Anyway, little bit past a third of the way into Nagasaki…………………………… I mean! I mean! hahaha! dude! THAT part, you know?? Totally got me!! Anyway, will leave more feedback after I finish it (unless you blow my mind again – likely!) And then maybe share some spelling/grammar stuff if you like.


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