LOTR TCG: tips & tricks

Well it’s “Wild-card Wednesday” and I’m going to talk about whatever I want. *insert evil laugh*

Looking at my blog stats, I noticed a lot of people have been coming here looking for “LOTR strategies” and getting my “How it Should have Been” article. Although the traffic is appreciated, I do hate to disappoint anyone.

Therefore, I’m going to root and this post to take LOTR strategies and answer any questions. Drop a comment and I”ll answer or fulfill requests as soon as possible.


2 thoughts on “LOTR TCG: tips & tricks

  1. Hey,

    the lotr-sites are rapidly decreasing. It’s good to see some-one is keeping it online.

    I’m restarting to play lotr. I’ve quitted after block 8 (or was it 7?). Anyway i’m looking for a rulebook but i can’t find any.

    Question. Does gimli, bearer of grudges cost 2 twilight when i start with him as ringbearer or is he for free? And does the game text of Durin III (-2 twilight if you can spot two dwarves) count when you start with him (two dwarf guards +durin III) or gimli BOG, Durin III and Fror?


  2. You never pay any costs for your ring-bearer, they just “pop” into play. Thus if a ring-bearer has a twilight cost, you don’t pay it, if they have a “do __ to play [this guy]” you ignore that (so you don’t add a burden if you play the smeagol ring-bearer).

    As for your starting fellowship, the rule goes:
    Reveal Ring-bearer.
    [do so other start of the game stuff]
    Put a starting fellowship from your deck into play, one card at a time. (of course, to save time, people don’t shuffle their starting crew into the deck)

    So to answer your question, you’d have Gimil RB out already. You’d then need to place another dwarf first then place Durin 3 who will have his twilight cost reduced.

    Best combo (in this order), Gimili, http://lotrtcg.fanhq.com/TCG/Card.aspx?gameID=7&cardID=6068, then Durin 3.

    I’ve found a back-door into Decipher’s old LOTR site, so for the time being, you can find the rules and such that you need here: http://lotrtcg.fanhq.com/Articles/Article.aspx?ID=702.

    And of course, I’ll answer any I can.

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