Cure for Hiatus – #5 Rising Son

Next to last issue of the comic arrives and we find the cover takes a bounce from the prior two.  Yes I’ve bashed anything Supernatural and pink, but #5 uses a lavendar and pink sky envocative of a sunset.  What must be the profile of Mary looks down upon John and his boys, standing in a field with guns ready.  Night is coming, and the family needs to be ready…

Now that the covers have improved, how is the interior?

It’s off to a rough start, as John is tortured over the other hunters he’s killing… even as he hunts down and finishes off more of them.  It still rubs me the wrong way to see John not only killing humans, but other hunters.  Eventually the 3 of them hole up in an abandoned shack and wait as clouds (literally) gather…

It seems that more hunters have arrived but they turn out to be demons.  Now we get a real fight (good to see John being John again) until the Winchesters are forced to retreat.  Pursuing, the demons find themselves in a Devil’s Trap.

I let it slide in issue #3, but twice gets a continuity digression.  It’s heavily implied in the series that John never knew about the Devil’s Trap (why wouldn’t he try using it when facing against Meg and her brother during Salvation?).  On the other hand, as long as he’s known Bobby he should know about the traps.  But then why doesn’t John have the charm (or tatoo) to prevent possession?

As for what happens next, I’m not going to spoil it. (We’ll discuss the continuity implications of the later revelation at the end of the series.)  And while I’ve given the artist some grief for problems with large vistas before, this issue is a marked improvement.  There are 3 full page spreads and they are all gorgeous.  One more issue to go, and we’re on a good upward swing…

John’s Body Count:
3 hunters
8 demons

Much better John.

The preliminary hunter deaths knocked off a salt shell.

Let the hunt begin for the final issue…


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