The Supernatural Awards

I normally try not to spoil the content of magazines, books etc but issue 5 of the official SN mag had the results of readers voting on the show. Like the Oscars, I think everyone should be able to see these, so here they are, along with my own thoughts.

Best Season 1 episode
Devil’s Trap – no surprise, that was a very well done episode and I don’t think any other comes close.

Best Season 2 episode
What is and What Should Never Be – I’ve said before which is my pick for best episode of this season. Although if “All Hell Breaks Loose 2” loses to any episode, I can’t pick a better one than “What is…”.

Best Season 3 episode
Mystery Spot – This doesn’t seem quite fair because 4 episodes weren’t in the running and “Ghostfacers” or “No Rest for the Wicked” were really good. I will admit that the winner was a fine episode, but “Jus In Bello” really should have won.

Best Overall episode
What is and What Should Never Be – see above, pretty much my thoughts on this as well. A fine winner.

Funniest Moment
Sam loses his shoe (Bad Day at Black Rock) – I laughed harder at their little prank war and the “competing views” in “Tall Tales”.

Best Dean Moment
Grieving Over Sam (All Hell Breaks Loose 2) – I dunno… shooting the YED was a pretty awesome moment.

Best Sam Moment [Tie]
Losing his shoe (Bad Day at Black Rock)
Emotional breakdown before killing Madison (Heart) – Poor Sam. Comparing his “best” moments vs his brother’s… I wasn’t a big fan of “Heart” (I didn’t think he had that much chemistry with Madison). My favorite Sam moment remains in “Simon Said” when he punches Ansem. Or in “All Hell Breaks Loose 1” where we get to see him be a leader for the psychics.

Best Brother Moment
Exchanging Christmas gifts (A Very Supernatural Christmas) – No argument there. One of the best moments of any TV or movie showing the importance of family, and holidays.

Scariest Moment
Bloody Mary comes out of the mirror (Bloody Mirror) – Pretty unnerving but I thought it was a little too derivative of the Ring girl. The impala getting hit by a truck or those creepy changeling kids should have won this.

Most Shocking Moment
The Impala is hit by the truck (Devil’s Trap) – Ok, this at least makes up for the above. The only thing close is Sam’s death in “All Hell Breaks Loose 1” but even that is still a distant second.

Most Romantic Moment
Sam and Sarah’s kiss (Provenance) – The comments say that scenes between Dean and his car were not allowed, which is completely unfair! Still, if we’re limiting ourselves to human/human pairings, this would be my first pick. Part of what I hold against Madison is that I thought she did not have the chemistry with Sam that Sarah did. If any girl is going to raise a new generation of Winchesters, it really should be Sarah.

Best Dean One-Liner
“I’m Batman” (Bad Day at Black Rock) – Talk about a target rich environment. Almost too many to pick from, but I do love that time he said to the pagan worshipers: “Hope your apple pie’s freakin’ worth it!”. Of course I recently watched Nic Cage’s “The Wickerman” and would that Mr Cage showed half the spine of Dean at the end of that movie.

Best Sam One-Liner
“I lost my shoe” (Bad Day at Black Rock) – I’m starting to think this episode was filled with hypno-vision the way it keeps running away with awards. I vote for “Houses of the Holy” when he tells Dean, “Dude, I’m not enabling your sick habit.”

Best Director
Kim Manners – No argument here. The man’s directed the most episodes and they are always solid. A well earned reward Mr Manners.

Best Writer
Sera Gamble – Sera, will you have my babies? (does that tell you what I think about this award? 😉

Best Guest Star – Male
Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Daddy Winchester) – It would have been a crime to have been anyone else.

Best Guest Star – Female [Tie]
Samantha Ferris (Ellen Harvelle)
Nicki Aycox (Meg Masters) – I’m glad this is a tie because it is impossible to have to choose between these two. Both were very excellent, awesome appearances that no fan could ever get enough of.

Best Winchester Ally
Bobby Singer – I think it was stacked a little in Bobby’s favor since he’s also the longest living Winchester ally. Still can’t deny it’s a well earned reward though. If Bobby ever dies, that will be the show’s definite “Jump the Shark” moment.

Best Demon/Monster/Ghost
Yellow-Eyed Demon – I am a fan of the Trickster and think he’s an awesome character, but no contest here, this award is solidly YED.

Best Use of Song
Renegade by Styx (Nightshifter) – Robbery! There’s a reason that with every season finale “Carry On Wayward Son” (by Kansas) is played over the ‘year in review’ segment. That song is the perfect theme to the whole show! I demand a recount!

Well that’s it. What do you think? Any big disagreements?

Hunt well…


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