Cure for Hiatus – #8 Supernatural Magazine

Ugh, we have to wait another whopping 2 weeks till Supernatural returns?

I can’t wait that long to see my beloved Anna again!

At least we have the latest SN magazine to keep us warm till then.  By now you should know the basics so let’s dig in.

Regulars – Running the guantlet from mediocre to outstanding the regulars in this one aren’t disappointing.  My favorite section (Myths & Legends) has been expanded to 3 pages addressing Angels.  Posters are for the ladies this issue with the brothers and Castiel.  I was hoping the Castiel image would be the one where his “wings” spread when first introduced but no such luck.  Classic episode reviews the awesome “Devil’s Trap” and the director interview talks to the director of the pilot.  Top 5 addressed scary spirits but no pics to it which seems a little sad.  The outstanding in this issue brings the regulars section up to a 4.


The Shape of Things to Come – Our Jared & Jensen 8 page feature this issue is entertaining just for the stories of the brothers and mini electric dirt bikes.  No I won’t say more, go pick up your own copy.  A standard 4.

Masters of the Universe -7 pages filled with pictures of the lovely Nicki Aycox who, I must say, looks much prettier with her hair a little long rather than the crew cut Meg sported through season 1.  The interview might strike some as familiar as it reads similar to other interviews with female guest stars.  Although there are some humorous accounts of pranks she and the boys played on each other and those are worth a read.  A decent 3.

Habeas Supernatural: Producers -Now here’s what you bought the magazine for as the movers and shakers of the series talk about what they have been planning, are planning and so forth.  It is a little bittersweet as there is an insert talking with Kim Manners.  6 pages of goodness and a new picture of the incredibly hot Sera Gamble make this feature a 5.

Blast from the Past -A 6 page talk with granddaddy Winchester Mitch Pileggi?  The value of this article depends on just how much of a geek you are.  Being a huge geek, I gotta give this a 5.  Subtract 1 or 2 if you’re not.

Soul Music – This feature talks to the original music writers of the series (yes there’s music in it that’s NOT classic rock) over 6 pages.  I’m not that intrigued by it, but if you’re interested in composing music for the industry and the process, add 1 to the final score of 3.

This issue may come off as thinner than priors but the editors still pack lots of meat into the pages.  Everything averages out to:

but your personal rank may vary as described above. Even hardcore fans can skip this issue unless they love Aycox and/or Pileggi.

Until March 12th… hunt well


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