Fight night! – Ragnaros vs Illidan

I’m not a huge fan of the World of Warcraft card game, I find it too much like the bastard child of Magic and VS (when it should have drawn more from Star Trek 2E).  However, I do enjoy their raid decks.  This weekend a friend of mine will be coming by and we’re looking to have a friendly game of Illidan vs Ragnaros.  I couldn’t find any adaptations for pitting 2 raid decks against each other so here goes my stab at adapting rules.  I’ll post updates after we’ve given it a try this weekend and welcome any input from players of the game.

(Note: I’m assuming you’re pitting similar raid decks against each other.  Onyxia is a single boss whereas these two are multiple bosses.)

Both players are “bosses”.  Thus, any rule that applies to “raiding players” in either books doesn’t count toward either player in this game.  This includes but is not limited to:

  • Bosses can destroy each others resources.
  • Threat levels are ignored.

Both players have the “resuffle depleted decks” rule.

Determine randomly who goes first.

Each player follows the turn sequence for his/her boss determined in their rule book.

Each player should have the same number of bosses and face them in the correct order.  If one player has more bosses than the other, he/she should remove the lowest number from the game, then the next lowest, and so on until both players have an equal number of bosses.  If there is a debate (such as, does the Reliquary of Souls count as 2+ bosses or just 1), work it out between yourselves.

Victory is only granted when a player defeats all of his opponent’s bosses. (so no “alternate win” victories like Teron Gorefiend)


While we conduct our scientific experiment, who do you think would win in a fight between Ragnaros and Illidan? (assuming that the numbers of their levels and attacks were roughly standardized so it was fair)


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