Episode Review – Death Takes a Holiday

[sorry for the lack of posting – been busy with some projects for ImpishIdea and working on possible videos for here]

A very solid episode, heavy on the lore & world-building and call backs to a great, earlier season’s episode. Everything I like. Wasn’t outstanding but after waiting the last few weeks and our last new episode the extremely disappointing Sex & Violence, this hit the spot.

Extra kudos for having a mystery I didn’t spot till the reveal.  The show’s really gotten its timing down.




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Yay for the return of Tessa, the reaper.  I like that they are portrayed less monstrous than most of what the Winchesters fight.  Her expression when she lets Dean & Sam out of their iron prison was priceless.  “I could kick your ass, but I’m going to let these two – who so want to – do it.”  Dean and her talking with the boy

Sam’s really coming into his own.  Beating the snot out of Alastor and the warning for Pamela gives more leverage to my “brothers’ war” theory of the show.

I liked the astral projecting and getting to see the show from the ghost-eye-view.  Intentional or not, I laughed when the whole world reminded me of the spirit effects in World of Warcraft.

And I’m glad to see them FINALLY keeping a seal intact.

Only a few continuity gaffs:

  • How do demons keep getting out of hell so easily? (Alastor was banished and returned in 1 episode)  If it’s that easy, why did Azazel need the devil’s gate opened?  Unless there’s a bottlenecking problem and demons like Alastor get moved to the head of the line.
  • At the end of season 2, we saw John pull Azazel out of his host’s body.  Why did the brothers seem to be hitting the possessed people rather than the demons directly?
  • The brothers could see reality as it “really was” so why didn’t we get a true vision of the demons?  We’re not really shown how the brothers know who’s possessed.

Finally, was the boy in this episode the actor that played Edmund from Narnia?  Or his brother?


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