the Gamble Years – Epilogue

I started this post way back in mid-season hiatus but couldn’t get it to gel before the hiatus finished.  Well with a new hiatus upon us and trying desparately to figure out something to write about, time to finish this up: a fun epilogue to my retrospective of the Sera Gamble years.

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the Gamble years – Part 3: Season 7

Well another midseason hiatus is upon us so now I get to resume this retrospective that got pushed back last hiatus for… reasons. For those that need a refresher:

Part 1 of this series.

Part 2.

I noted in part 2 that S6 really did function far better as a viewing experience binging on DVD/streaming/whatever while the original airing schedule was nigh unbearable with long stretches between episodes.  How does S7 fare between DVD and original air?  Well there’s a difference there too.  While it worked quite strongly in the air-broadcast format, it is a bit weaker on DVD viewing.  How so?  Well we’re not storming a castle so I have plenty of time to explain.

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the Gamble years – Part 2: Season 6

I was really hoping to have the finale remix up today after working on it all week.  UNFORTUNATELY, wordpress seems to have crapped out and won’t let me upload pics now (and I’m only using 1% of my storage capacity).  I don’t want to give a preview of it because this is one I think will really have the best impact right off.

INSTEAD! My order from Amazon for the S6 & 7 companions, coffee-table book, and Impala replica came in today.  To make sure I have a post for this week and have an article ready for WFB next, I’m continuing with part 2 of my previously begun essay.  Yes I was thinking about just doing 2 posts – a before and after watch, however given the nature of hiatus blogging, I decided to stretch this out in 4 posts total.  Notice how I’ll admit a change in my plans. 😉

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the Gamble Years – Part 1: Off the top of my head

After a discussion with another Supernatural fan, I decided to put up a pair of “essays” on my thoughts about seasons 6 & 7 of the show, especially in light of the latest seasons we’ve had.  This first essay will be from my memories of the seasons and watching them when they first aired.  Then I’ll spend a week rewatching both seasons and seeing if my opinions have changed about any of them.

So I have my liquor, superwiki bookmarked, and a recovery team standing by in case I disappear too far up my own ass.

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