SPN Character Chat – Rowena

This was going to be up yesterday but I came up with a new idea for the video and junked all the filming I had done Sunday, leaving me scrambling to get this version up ASAP.

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Supernatural Retrospective – Part 28 (DarknessTM falls)

Part 27 (Death be not hasty)

To really understand a season in this kind of sequential arc show, you have to look forward as well as back.  For example, consider the Stynes introduced at the tail end of the 10th season.  Here is a “secret family” which is supposed to be a world-moving power – which we have never heard of before and makes little sense in the show’s larger structure.  This new threat is supposed to be an antagonist and main driving force against the heroes for reasons that are nebulously defined.  And Dean is the only one who interacts or does much with this foe.

Given that everything I just wrote describes the DarknessTM just as well, it really adds a layer of understanding and frustration with the final years of Carver’s tenure.  We should have realized that S11 was going to entail the final chapter of S10 writ large.


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