SPNA – In My Time of Dying

It goes without saying that with the anime remaking such a critical episode of the original series, that its follow up would be remade as well.

And it is probably the most accurate remake we could get with half the time and animated.

Significant Changes:

  • Ghost!Dean uses Sam’s laptop instead of an ouija board.  Not bad, but the original board had a nice touch to it, showing us the boys using a tool of their trade from the other side of the fence.
  • John’s deal goes down in a church and I will say this for the Japanese, they sure do love Christian imagery.  The scene is peppered with them which gives it a nice impact.  Plus it makes tactical sense for John since from what we know, only Azazel and a few other of the strongest demons could enter holy ground.
  • Tess takes on an appearance that is similar to Mary Winchester.  I wasn’t as big of a fan of this change as it creates an emotional moment for Dean that goes over the top and weakens the core dilemma Dean has to face.  In the dub, the revelation of “staying here will make you an angry spirit” is rushed to the point that it loses all impact.  We lose the explanation of why Dean would become angry.  This was one of my favorite moments of the original and I was sad to see it changed.
  • John gives a longer farewell.  Much, much longer.  It is pretty heartbreaking but he gives the usual father farewell one expects from drama.  Could he have done better as a father?  Sure, but that’s true of any of us.  This gives us one of the only glimpses of John’s dilemma: he needed to take care of his boys, but he also couldn’t let the evil things of the world run wild.  It’s a moral conflict police and soldiers go through, and I don’t envy their struggle.
  • The death is a title card, not John’s body.  It’s… ok, but still doesn’t have the impact of Jeffery Dean Morgan laying on the ground.  Also, it takes place in the church, not hospital so I’m wondering if the next episode will show the boys finding dad’s body or if that will be left to the viewers’ imaginations.

Also, in the anime John Winchester is balding.  I guess that was the only way they could keep his awesomeness from melting the film stock.  All total, the failings and improvements average each other out.

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