MLP:ER – a Dog and Pony Show

Ironic this episode was first aired in 2011 since today, this election year, it is such a relevant piece of art.

Consider Rarity.  Of the socioeconomic classes represented by the mane six, she’s obviously the upper class one – she does own her own business after all.  So there she is, contributing to the economy, even improving it by providing Spike with a second job to improve his income.  When who should spy but the Diamond Dogs!  Mangy, lumbering, smelly, filthy, barely sapient beings.  Obviously, representing government (only actual government workers aren’t as cute) – 3 dogs = 3 branches you see.

Oh how the government hates to see the productive citizen growing richer, but they cannot conceive of proper economic activity, instead they must steal, even imprison, the rich.  (It would have been smarter to either just hire Rarity outright and split the spoils, or charge her a small operator’s fee to work on their rightful property.  You know, a free market or low/flat taxes.)  But alas, as always when the government tries to take what is rightfully others’, they find there is not as much gain to be had.  Rarity helps them get jewels, but not as much as she was freely doing on her own.  Not to mention her increased whining and complaining (in real life, we’d call it “lobbying”).  Was she complaining before?  No!  Only when she was bothered and interfered did she begin “striking” back at her attackers.

Of course, the other ponies (classes) realize that they do not proper even if the “rich” is suffering, and so go to try and negotiate with the dogs first (peaceful voting).  Yet the dogs do not listen, do they?  So more drastic measures are taken! (armed rebellion)  In the end, the government is broken, defeated, and the socioeconomic classes go on their way.  Happy they are free at last from Tyranny.  (Obviously the show creators made the DDs to be stand-ins since to portray Celestia in this manner would have probably hurt her toy sales.)

OR maybe it’s a refutation of a (now) tired trope and examination that there are many strengths out there, it isn’t all about the physical.  Girly girls are not innately weak, underestimate anyone at your peril.

Pretty entertaining, and kudos to the show makers for doing a moral I haven’t seen since I started watching cartoons.


(serious note: do NOT take this episode as sound advice for dealing with a kidnapping – everything I’ve ever read by the experts in dealing with it says the best thing to do is avoid getting kidnapped in the first place; do whatever you can, but escape)

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