SPNA – Nightmare

Today we have another remake of the live show.

Except this time we’ve jumped back to a season 1 episode, of the same name.

However, one big change to this episode was the revelation that Dean has powers too.  He has…

babe sense


(it’s like Spider-Man’s spidey-sense but only when babes are around)

(seriously, there’s no way he could have seen her, she doesn’t get his attention, yet somehow he immediately knows that flirting is required – nothing follows that clip but “hey baby, wanna do it?”)

This is one time that the conversion of an episode into a format half of its original length was to the betterment.  The original had Max abused by his father and uncle.  A bit that’s so over the top, it’s nearly comical.  Here, it’s just his father, and there’s hints that it’s because of the death of Max’s original mother (thus the label “demon child”).  It’s a nice touch showing us the father that John could have been and that maybe Dean’s & Sam’s life wasn’t all bad.  Although it is revealed that Max had… a puppy! (named hope no less – go on, guess what happens to it)  That bit was nearly over the top.  I wish the show had made the puppy murder less about the asshole victim just being mean and more about maybe a concern of the dad’s that the “demon child” would use the dog in some black magic ritual.

Oh, and his father gets killed in a way cooler way: Max makes the toilet water leap up and drown him. (I’ll say this for anime!Supernatural, it eliminates the need for drugs to trip out)

The ending this time is more heartbreaking because Max’s life was less over-the-top wretched, and it still has some punch that Sam’s words – normally so good at resolving situations – are the ones that end up driving Max to suicide.  A dark bit of irony.

Yes, this is probably one of the weakest 5 scores I’ve had to give, but nonetheless, by my standards, it is a 5 shell episode.


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