SPNA – Ghost on the Highway

After three “remake” episodes we finally get an anime-original.  Sort of.  In some ways, this is almost a remake of Route 666, except instead of a truck, it’s another black impala.  Which is a great improvement.  Although it gets funny hearing everyone pronouncing “impala” differently.

I was somewhat disappointed they didn’t take this opportunity to examine more the relationship between the boys and their car (especially after we learn how important it is in the series finale*).  Instead we have an examination of the relationship between brothers with two police “men” (one of them is a transgender wannabe – heads up if that bothers anyone) acting as the examination mirror for Sam & Dean.  That’s… ok, but I think we have enough of that throughout the series, let’s have more of the car!  Heck, they have a line with Dean saying, “It’s the closest thing I have to a girlfriend” which is a cringe-inducing “on-the-nose” line that should have been tweaked.  If anything, its presence from day one makes the Impala the closest thing the boys have to a mother than a lover.  (No, really.  Watch some scenes with this in mind, see if some don’t take on a subtext of caring for an aging parent.)

If this had focused more on the car, it would have earned one, maybe even two more shells.  As it is… fairly standard.  Recommended to fans and anyone who really disliked Route 666.

Also, I’m enjoying this site WAY too much.

*It ended in season 5, dammit.


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