MLP:ER – Dragonshy

Owl City is one of my guilty pleasure bands, and I have to admit that Carly Rae Jepsen is my kind of cute.  So of course I loved it when not only did they release a song together, but one that is just BEGGING for a MLP:FiM video to be set to it.

In this episode we finally get one of my favorite subjects: Dragons!

Of course everyone knows that a dragon is never just a dragon, but always representative of something more (I think the Bible started it and then everyone had to follow suit).

Here, we find the dragon represents the techno-progress of humanity and the unfortunate impact it has had on our environment as well as the all-powerful companies and lobbies that have arisen from this progress – particularly the oil industry.

The episode starts with Fluttershy, our representative of those humans and movements in tune with nature, demonstrating her meaning as she goes about, feeding and communing with nature.  Of course, like any human endeavor, she isn’t quite perfect at her job as we see her insisting on feeding the rabbit a carrot when we know that rabbits don’t eat carrots (undoubtedly a source of the rabbit’s animosity towards her).  However, the rabbit does warn her of the oncoming ecogeddon.  Except just like the environment movements of today, Fluttershy can’t get anyone to listen to her warnings.

It takes Twilight (our representation of the sciences/learned professions) to announce to the wider public that trouble is coming.  Of course, even our most learned cannot do everything alone, so Twilight Sparkle must unite with the other industries to stop this catastrophe.

Over the next several minutes, they climb a mountain (symbolic of the challenges we all face) with the environmental activist’s timidity proving more of a hindrance than a help.  Once at the top of the mountain, the industries are ready to face the problem head on, but how do they fare?

  • Twilight, the scholars/scientists knows the answer but cannot do it alone.
  • Fluttershy, the environmental groups, is too terrified to confront the powerful interests that oppose her.
  • Applejack, the agriculture and related industries, is the one most affected by oncoming eco-problems yet is least able to combat it.
  • Pinkie Pie, the entertainment/arts industries, tries to do what she knows best, but her talents are unrelated and useless to solving this crisis.  (Just like Hollywood and its frequent uselessness towards many causes.)
  • Rarity, the retail stores (especially in regards to beauty products like clothes, makeup, etc) almost seems like she’ll be able to solve it all but her own greed ends up exacerbating the problem.
  • Rainbow Dash, the other side of entertainment – sports and like – is insensitive to the crisis to the point of outdoing even Rarity in screwing things up (yes we’re looking at you NASCAR).

At the end, the ecological catastrophe is too great for any of the industries to conquer.  Fluttershy, finally realizing that things have gone out of control, rallies forth and scolds the dragon into leaving – showing the power all eco-warriors and their petitions can have.

OR it’s a demonstration that bravery isn’t the absence of fear, but acting in spite of it.  And even the most timid of us can be fearsome when given the proper motivation.

(bonus shell for the dragon, because they’re awesome)


6 thoughts on “MLP:ER – Dragonshy

  1. I’d add a bonus shell for Angel as well, who is the best character ever. I swear that bunny runs the Equestrian Mafia or something. He’s awesome.

  2. Nate, perhaps Rarity wasn’t being greedy, maybe she just had some gems stolen from her and she needed the help of the rest of Mane 6 to make the journey to the Lonely Mountain to get them back right under Smaug’s nose.

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