Cure for Hellatus – #4 Supernatural Magazine

You can see my review of the magazine basics here.

Regulars – Not too bad. Posters are just of the boys and Ruby though. =P Rest of it is pretty solid (though I still find the “Director’s Cut” interview to be too dull). However, the Top 5 in this issue is “metallicar moments” which is just awesome. That alone brings this up to a 5.


Jared & Jensen: Supernatural Encounters – Eh. Talks a lot about fan encounters more than creepy things happening on set. Reads a lot like a blog post really. A forgettable 2.
Amber Benson: the Lady is a Vamp – I knew that girl from Bloodlust was familiar. Really didn’t recognize her from Buffy (which I used to love… before it sucked). I admit I hated Tara, but Amber’s role as Lenore and this interview (where she says all the right things to a geek’s heart) have helped win me over. Plus this interview asked more interesting questions than normal. Solid 4.
Quoth the Raven… – I believe my feelings on the paperback Nevermore are well known. They give a good article, snipit on Edgar Allan Poe and a book blurb that’s better than the back of the actual book. Yeah I’m bias, but this is a 5.
Young Sam & Dean: Boys will be Boys – Article talking with and about Ridge Canipe & Colin Ford. Not too bad, a few parts rise above dullness. Average 3.
Ghost Hunter – Full disclosure. I wasn’t sure what to make of this article, but it turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Informative, interesting and just a tad spooky. What I like about the show too. Didn’t think I would… but I give this a 5.
Reader’s Survey – the Results – I feel sorry for the magazine editors now, after reading a lot of these. 2 letters next to each other:
“‘Who Ya Gonna Call’ is just not my thing.”
“My favorite is ‘Who Ya Gonna Call’.”
If the editorial staff makes decisions by flipping a coin, I honestly can’t blame them. I mean, after me (who’s always right 😉 who do they decide to please? It’s a pretty funny 5.

So how did issue 4 of the magazine do? We average out to…
out of 5
Good buy for fans, and some casual viewers might like it a bit.

Until next issue, hunt well…


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