More Trailer Thoughts – Willow and Andor

Well some more trailers have come out. May as well keep the reaction train going.

First up, the new SW series, Andor.

So… Rogue One.

As they say, “it is the best of the Disney Star Wars films.”

There’s also the saying: Damning with faint praise.

You have no idea how much I want to love that film. I have probably 3 different fix scripts for it because it’s just so close to being a great classic. There are so many ways to do a compelling spy thriller and in the Star Wars universe? Instead they went with a more drab, gritty war movie motif.

I even think there could be something compelling about not-Kyle Katarn Cassian Andor… and he seems to be in the trailer for about 5 seconds. I think some shots in it are supposed to be from his childhood but without context who can say. Anyway it looks from that like they are really going to lean into the gritty war story format so I guess my hope for a decent spy thriller are completely dashed.

I’m never going to get my Star Wars: Burn Notice am I? Heck at this point I’d take Star Wars: James Bond (and I’m not a big Bond fan).

It’s a bit of fortunate timing I recently rewatched the original Willow a month ago. It’s a solid movie that still holds up. But then it really is “Lord of the Rings interpreted by the creator of Star Wars.” I don’t say that as a bad thing, just that you can tell where a lot of the common SW motifs and characters show up.

This show at least so far seems to do what a lot have screwed up and demonstrate some respect and affection for the “legacy” characters. There’s still plenty of time for the writers to royal screw it all up, but at first glance this trailer does do a good job. “Hey remember that thing you like? Here it is, WITH MORE!”

Heck I’ll admit that I’m thrilled just to see that it looks like Willow and his wife are still together. That and him possessing a glowing staff of power are a lot of the right stuff.

I’m cautiously optimistic about this one.

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