Comics Week – 10/14/2016

Whoa, my shows have surprised me.  Episodes reviewed: Flash 3.01, 3.02, Supergirl 2.01, and LoT 2.01.

the Flash 3.01 – Flashpoint

Well the show went with a 1 and done episode on the alternate world.  Interesting choice, but clever since this episode of Flash seems to have aired before any other episode.  So a little meta trick of any affects that might have hit Arrow or Legends getting “canceled” before they aired.  An interesting take.

Of course the original Flashpoint was a huge comic book crossover affecting everything (like Batman no longer being Bruce Wayne) so we knew not all of it was going to be in the series.  Overall some good scenes but at times disappointing that we didn’t get to see more involving that world. (like shouldn’t Harrison Wells be alive and himself?)  Still it’s always best to leave the audience wanting more.  And I did want to see more of Alex Desert (Julio from the first Flash series) be a police chief.  I’ll talk more about it all in the next entry, but this one I give about a B+.

the Flash 3.02 – Paradox

First of all, seeing John Wesley Shipp (the first Flash) dressed and playing Jay Garrick just warms my heart to no end.  What can I say?  Even I can’t completely resist cheesy, fanservicey meta moments.  Plus he and Grant do work well together on screen.

So on the one hand we see once again that time travel works however the plot needs it to.  It does say something that when I try to find an account of time travel in this show, the most common results I see in google & suggestions is “how does [it] work?”  This time rather than having to deal with any time wraiths Barry just finds that he can’t ever reset everything back exactly.  Fair enough I guess?  It would somewhat fit with the previous two times Barry time traveled but then those previous accidental times at least altered very bad futures.  I think.  I’ve actually lost track of his time traveling.

Plus, does anyone else get a sense of whiplash?  The episode with the Speed Force has Barry accepting his mom’s death.  Only for him to then go and change that a few episodes later, then that’s changed again and again he learns to accept things.  It’s like for every one step forward Barry takes they force him two steps back to repeat the step forward again.  Or as if the writer had a character arc planned out but then the outline was dropped and got put back together in slightly the wrong order.

Still, regardless of the rules and everything else… it also means that the two previous seasons… are kind of pointless now.  All that work and hardship stopping Evil!Wells?  Didn’t happen.  Or at least it didn’t happen like we saw.  Same with Zoom.  Don’t get me wrong, if this was Supernatural and S12 revealed that Barry messed with the Winchesters such that we can kind of write off everything post S5 as totally different, I’d be thrilled.  But this is season 3.  There’s not years of production and a whole mess of writing that could stand to be “reset.”  They’re certainly not in any kind of rut that needs shaping up.  It’s just odd.  Like seeing a real pretty lady get some really good plastic surgery done.  Sure she still looks great, but was it really needed?  This show’s earned enough good will from me to see where it goes this season goes.  Maybe by the end I’ll be thrilled with it all.

Over all the episode was good to great at face value, but then falls apart upon reflection.  Which means I’ll have to give it a B-.  If you don’t care about the tributes to the old series, knock the grade down a bit.  If you care more about the characters and time traveling doesn’t bother you, bump it up.


Legends of Tomorrow 2.01 – Out Of Time

Let’s use an episode title previously used on the Flash!  That’s… not going to be confusing for me at all.  It was… ok.  Though I hope this removal of Rip Hunter from the show isn’t permanent.  The new guy apparently helping them with time stuff seems to be ok too but I just don’t know why his role of finding the best way to help out time couldn’t be fulfilled by Rip or somebody else already on board.

Then we have the team scattered across time.  Where Sarah ends up at Salem.

Because of course she did.  Why in the world is the most original show and show-potential on TV so insistent on being unoriginal?  Grade D+.

Supergirl 2.01 – The Adventures of Supergirl

I have to admit, one of the things I enjoyed in SG’s first season was the semi-mythical handling of Superman.  It was a unique examination of the character and added some nice touches to the season.  It presented a challenge to the writers that I think in general improved their skill.  So I wasn’t sure how well Superman was going to go actually showing up this season.

Color me happy, and more thrilled seeing him on screen here then the last couple of movies he’s been in.  Nothing against Henry Cavill, I think he could do well enough, but the writing isn’t there.  But here we have him and his cousin teaming up, doing heroics, and enjoying themselves.  I don’t know why the show felt the need to pound the reset button on Jimmy and Kara so hard but it’s annoying even if I wasn’t always thrilled with the pairing.  I mean if you’re going to commit to a relationship in a story, commit to it and sell me on it.  It doesn’t have to then last forever but at least give it SOME time and exploration.  I at least hope that the show will explore more about Superman & J’onn’s conflict and actually use some nuance since both sides are right and have legitimate points.  It would be novel to see them come to an understanding and imperfect resolution than some hokey “Oh i was wrong, you were right all along” resolution that most conflicts end with nowadays.

Oh and it was great to see the Sis be useful and helpful this episode.  It all gives me hope that this season the show runners are going to work on improving all their mistakes from last season.  So for at least the promise of that, great heroics, and just general fun, I give this premiere… a grade of A. (yes it lost the plus on the Jimmy reset)

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