Name this Supernatural spinoff!

I’ve been rewatching through Supernatural’s season 6 and just finished Frontierland.

I know I said that a great spinoff would be a prequel with Samuel Colt but now? I’ll admit I was wrong. Remembering also the 50’s episode, the best spinoff would be an anthology of past hunters throughout time. Season 1 could be a year with Samuel Colt, maybe on a quest to make the gun, maybe just a case that was a challenge. Season 2 could then deal with Elliot Ness. Perhaps following his training, perhaps an arc where he cleans up Bloodlines the mob & monsters. Season 3 could follow an ancient Roman hunter. Season 4 a middle ages priest/monk that establishes the Men of Letters. Heck you could even revisit previous eras so Colt or Ness or Winchesterus could get a second season. You could even do seasons in the future!

Plus with such a set up you would have a method by which to continue the property indefinitely.

Though I have no idea what it should be called. SPN: History? SPN: Hunters of the Ages? SPN: Then? Hmmmm… None of those would well allow seasons in the future. But that could be given up.

So what would you call it? What would be your pick for period, characters, and arc? And would you want to watch it?

I know I would. Please, CW. Take my money.

(though if they won’t… maybe I should hold my own fan fiction contest…)

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