SPNA – Moonlight

This is the animated episode based upon the second season episode Heart.  I know this episode is a favorite of fans and even the producers but… I’ve never been that fond of it; the love story always felt more told to us than shown (yes, i count sex scenes as “telling” the audience more than showing).  So with 30 min instead of an hour, how does the anime handle this?


I know that scene was supposed to be serious, but it was just too lulzy.  One can just hear him screaming, “I’m going to LOVE THE HELL OUT OF YOU!”

Other than that bit of culture clash (I’m guessing the scene works better with Japanese audiences), overall it’s not too bad.  Madison is pretty hot in anime form but this time it’s more than that. They give her some parallels to Jessica to heighten Sam’s attachment, we see that he hopes to alleviate some of his survivor’s guilt by saving her.  It’s pretty well done once all the RAGEFACE passes.  Hell it’s better than the… nothing they had before.  And it all leads up to a credits coda that is just heartbreaking.

And then there’s Dean dancing, snapping his fingers, and humming “When the Saints go Marching in”.

Yeah it’s one of those episodes.  Be prepared to laugh and cry.

If you were like me and weren’t that sold on the original episode, you’ll find this a step up. Those who liked the original… might still find something worthwhile in this adaptation. Give a try.

Look, even Dean can’t believe his brother’s rageface!


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