Episode Review – My Heart Will Go On

What?  Oh!  Right!  There’s this show I like.  And it’s back – yay!


Ok, what is up with all this alternate reality stuff?  I mean, part of me does enjoy them, but by now it’s starting to seem like a crutch the writers use when they are stuck.  Yes it was great to see Ellen again, but let’s think about all the continuity issues brought up:

  • Death’s episode talked about him working with a “plan”.  So how does that work with fate?  The ones that are supposed to die would be those determined by fate.  But when Dean prevented 1 death, others died – here we’re seeing that preventing one death just delays it for a few moments.  So does Fate work for Death or Death work for Fate?
  • If preventing 1 person from dying caused others to die instead (good job, Dean), why didn’t saving the Titanic cause a whole bunch of people to start dying off to balance things? (well… some did – but this was decades later)
  • If the “playbook” has been thrown out, why then is there a “plan” for Death to follow?  Seems like if Fate is off the hook now, Death would be as well.

Still not as bad as the first half of the season but… still this is not encouraging me to pick up the 6th on DVD.

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