How SW: TLJ could be…

Nope, not a typo.  An experiment.

Yes this is much later than I intended and it has been holding up other blog posts.

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How Star Wars episode 3 should have been

Previously on “nate rants about stuff only he cares about.”

Episode 1 redone.

Episode 2 summation.

What is tricky about episode 3.

For my blog, episode 3 assumes the dreams linked above were made.  Hopefully the symbolism in this one isn’t too obvious.  I’ve also included a few dialog points for scenes that I think what is said by the characters is important.  Also emphasis on this being a rough draft.  If I ever come back and reread this I might change a few things.

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How Age of Ultron could have been

Over all I thought Age of Ultron was interesting, but spread a bit too thin and had too much repeated from the first movie. (I mean, the scene is entertaining, but does one of the heroes have to fight the Hulk EVERY movie?)  I also wanted it to tie more into the character arc Tony Stark went through in Iron Man 3.

Since I often enjoy doing a “How _ could have been” I thought I would share these two thought-provoking videos from youtuber B-mask who proposed a possible story for the movie.  Would his Age of Ultron been better than Whedon’s?  Tough to say, a lot can change in production and editing, but it does come across as the richer, more thought-provoking story.