Winchester Review – Legend of a Mind

I think I’m going to change the saying from “A for effort” to “optimistic because of effort.”

Final Score:

I do really like Tony’s coat in this episode. It’s totally ballin’ and he wore it well. I even liked Latka getting some love – though maybe next time we could give them a scene together?

This episode also ended up proving why so much storytelling advice has a “rule of three.” Had John and Mary found the needles behind the first door they searched, it would have felt empty and artificial with little emotional impact. They went through two and it… had more emotion, but still felt just a bit rushed. But imagining them going through THREE doors? Where the second door is another powerful, traumatic memory? (maybe something Maggie-related?) Then the final memory of a girl in her room may have had more impact.

On the other hand, it does seem kind of weird that for Mary, “imagining doors closing” is a worse memory for her than killing people (even if they’re monsters). I don’t think the writers intend for her to come off as a psychopath, but sometimes I wonder if anybody is reviewing the scripts and making sure what the writer intends is actually what lands on the page. (Believe it or not that is harder than it sounds. This is why good writers treasure quality editors.)

Again I say, this is not an “A for effort” episode, but a “your effort gives me optimism” kind of episode. Fingers crossed they keep it up.

5 thoughts on “Winchester Review – Legend of a Mind

  1. You know me, Mrs Eternal Optimist, but you are exactly right, Mary is off and it no longer holds water that they were trying to reconcile her with the closed off Mary of later seasons.
    I have been willing Meg D. to find her Mary but I’m beginning to think the problem is more than just the writing. I so hope I’m wrong, but Mary’s ‘every door is closed to me’ delivery was way too close to self pity. Because if the one note line delivery.

    I liked the introduction of Tony in principle, perhaps that past walk on the wild side Ada took will be the thing that again pushes her into danger and temptation. Demetria delivers beautifully, every time, every word she gets, she sells her moments, I miss her when she’s absent. Perhaps she could run lines with Meg D.

    • A reviewer I respect (and I’m quoting him because I haven’t watched #2 yet) once pointed out that you could watch Jaws and Jaws 2 back to back. Both of them had a near identical scene involving Sheriff Brody and one of his kids, but – the reviewer pointed out – one was masterfully executed, the other… was not. His point being that this really showed how much of an impact directors had on actors. Because both scenes obviously involved the same actors – so we know they COULD do it well, but one time they failed to.

      I think it may be even more true of younger actors who haven’t been in the business long. In Meg D’s case, I honestly don’t know if she just needs more experience, or if the directors are not helping. Both of the older actresses – Bianca and Demetria both – do stellar jobs. No idea if they could coach her but yeah, Demetria could “sell an Eskimo ice cream” as the saying goes.

      It really does seem like the writers want to set up a “fall to the dark side” for Ada. I think there’s definitely some trauma and pain from her possession she’s working through. It may have also given her a taste for power she’ll want more. Have Tony end up in danger and you could see her going off the wagon to try and save him. It will be interesting to see if they can pull it.

      • I absolutely believe the directors can and should help Meg D to find her version of Mary now, she’s had some time to find her feet but she’s still struggling. Beside the confident and competent more experienced actors it becomes ever more apparent. It’s sad because off screen they do have huge chemistry watching all the various interviews of Drake and Meg D they do shine together, so I get why they chose them.
        Demetria has the capacity to be a great anti hero who’s heart leads her to darkness, I warmed to her the minute she went back to see Millie to make things right as best she could. There’s been some amazing attention to detail at times for the support cast, like Carlos’ hidden service and I revell in them, but they could be even better if the show gets enough time to iron out the wrinkles with the other issues.

      • 100% It just becomes weirder to me to see Drake and a couple of the other younger actors just do SUCH a great job, and Meg D. showing signs of talent, you wonder where’s the problem that’s keeping her from sticking the landing?

        Heck I don’t see any info on IMDB for birthdays (save Meg is a 2k baby) but she has the most acting credits (31!) to Drake (6) and Jojo (this is his first!). I would not have guessed that just from this show. (P.S. Demetria – 35, Bianca – 34)

        I make no secret that I can be a sucker for a decent romance. I don’t really get involved in shipping wars, just as long as the writers put in the work to make the romance work, I’ll accept what’s on screen. (You know why I pick Anna for Dean over others.)

        Here and there the chemistry between Meg & Drake absolutely does shine. Like I said I want to love these two just… why they can’t get it onto the screen?

        (also while looking stuff up I discovered something interesting…)

      • I can’t rightly say, perhaps it’s the nature of the work that was done? How some professionals learn their trade, schooled in a particular studio system?
        It seemed for a while there was a possibility of going with the original show interpretation that John and Mary not much caring for each other and that it was NOT meant to be until Cupid showed up, but if so, we needed to have some on-screen sparks of loathing or at least mild irritation, not John being captivated by Mary.

        You know where I stand on Dean/ Anna. It was a natural evolution, a spark from shared understanding, that commonality of being an outsider feeling. I think she’d have been the better choice to keep in the show when decisions were made……but what do I know, I’m no show runner 🤷‍♀️

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