RIP Legend, Knight

It was 1992. I was 10-11 years old, THE perfect age for when Batman: The Animated series premiered.

And from that first day, Kevin Conroy became THE Batman for several generations. He became one of the kings of voice acting, able to add so much to a performance that he wasn’t even on screen for. Every Batman project since the show was made has been altered and inspired by this show. (It just goes to show you can please comic book fans if you put in the work to make a quality product.)

I got to meet him at a con and he was amazing to his fans. The consummate, professional performer who loved that his work brought such joy to so many. A rare talent and exceptional craftsman.

Fare thee well, Mr. Conroy. Thank you for your incredible performance in bringing to life a character beloved by so many. You will never be equaled.


I do kind of hope they get Mark Hamil to give a eulogy.

2 thoughts on “RIP Legend, Knight

  1. He just was Batman. And Bruce Wayne. That’s what Batman has always sounded like in my head as a child. He was so perfect for the part that listening to him talk just sounded like hearing Bruce Wayne or Batman talk. No one’s ever gonna touch his performance. They may as well retire Batman like a jersey.

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