Episode Review – Byzantium

Explanation on the out of order videos below the fold.

For those curious, I was intended to catch up with my review videos in episode order – even had Byzantium scripted and ready to go but WFB requested that I get the review for the Spear ASAP so I skipped over Byzantium to rush out the midseason finale.  But don’t worry, I didn’t alter my script (except to make some wording smoother) to accommodate the revelations in “The Spear.”

Final Score:

It’s a testament to the execution that I did feel a bit sad at Jack dying, even though with the show’s lore dying is like moving to a new zip code.  Part of me almost wishes we had more of a moment with the boys discussing this and their old rule of “dead is better.”  Still, with Mr. Goo chasing Jack, it gave them an extra reason to bring him back which I approve of.

I guess the new fandom betting pool should cover what Mr. Goo’s motivations are this episode.  Do you think the angels were right and he wanted Jack?  Was it about revenge on Castiel?  Is Lucifer involved somehow?  A combination of any of these?  The winner who guesses it gets bragging rights.

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