Flash Fiction Friday – Rebooting Skynet

The recent Hollywood trends of reboots and remakings and re-imaginings of the many properties and stories of the past got me to thinking…

What if we rebooted the Terminator series?

Oh not like they are threatening to do but what if we rewrote the story from the ground up?

For example, in the original films Skynet took over Humanity’s nuclear weapons and bombed us into submission.  Yet given the fact that nukes produce an EMP blast, would such an action not pose as much of a danger to Skynet as it would to us?

With today’s society and technology, what if Skynet was more subtle?  More patient?

Instead of bombs, what if Its killing was personalized to each human?  Imagine a wrong turn fed into somebody’s GPS device.  Or what would happen if a plane was given faulty flight data.  Maybe someone is staying at a hospital and their health monitors are wrong by just a few digits.  They may not even be in the hospital; what if the person is at home and a medication alarm goes off at the wrong time?  Or more than once?  Or not at all?  Imagine a barcode scanner reading the wrong order and food is delivered to someone with an allergy.  Or prescriptions are prepared at a dose too high, or too low, for the patient.

This would be the ultimate stalker devising a dozen ways to execute you in particular, using methods the most of which you could never see coming.  A stalker who never has to sleep…

Indeed I think such a story would probably be as chilling and frightening as Arnold’s original portrayal of Skynet’s avatar was intended to be (before all the mass marketing).  A story about a subtle war we could never be sure was even being raged could really grab the public.

I’d love to write a spec script for it.

I just wish my word processor would stop crashing…

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