Episode Review – Unhuman Nature

Any episode with Jack is probably going to be a good episode.

Final Score:

I know this is the internet so mentioning anything religious is to invite a flame war.  So let me stress that my POINT is the age of the story, not anything theological.  That the concept of an innocent human being victimized by the world and turning against God has endured countless centuries within humanity’s stories should be a clue that the show runners might be making a terrible mistake moving Nick’s character away from that motif.

Now refreshing my memory on which episodes Buckner-Leming have done…

Yeah this may be a new personal best.  The closest competition would be “Of Grave Importance” (ep7.19) which did have some interesting ideas.  “Heartache” (ep8.03) was inoffensive and mostly forgettable.  “Paint it Black” (ep10.16 – the romance one) was at least an experiment in something new without breaking things… even if it didn’t execute well.  And the rest are… just a litany of train-wrecks.  So yeah, new personal best.

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