iZombie – 4.12 (You’ve Got to Hide Your Liv Away) & 4.13 (And he Shall be a Good Man)

Time to finish up the season.

4.12 You’ve Got to Hide Your Liv Away

More of a transition episode into the finale with even much of the MotW being pushed off screen.  I’ll admit that while I do appreciate the show runners trying to be efficient in storytelling, sometimes the lack of transition in this episode threw me off as I kept wondering if I had missed a scene or if the streaming service had jumped.  Now this did work with Liv & Major as a bit later the revelation of them being on certain brains suddenly explained the tonal shift in the episode and I laughed at the good execution.  With the victim of the week… I just never really bought it.  For one thing, if she took the cure, why did she bother going to the scratching post?  I think a line from Don E. explained that she was being paid to be there, but why?  I want to assume that it’s because she took the cure so Blaine & Don are parading her around as an advertisement that it does work.  But then doing that at their place of business makes it a lot harder to deny that they’re the ones behind the snuff film/cure advert.  Still Ravi did a hilarious job acting on the brain this week.  I’m still like… really curious what would happen if he didn’t eat brains during that time of the month – and would he get the zombie super strength during it?

I was kind of hopeful watching the police force finally confronting the reality of Brother Love’s church but then that went nowhere…

Final grade… Probably a C as I’m having trouble remembering what was in this episode vs the following one.

4.13 And he Shall be a Good Man

And the streak remains alive as Levon having kissed Liv ends up dying!  Eh, I was more affected by her S2 boy toy as he seemed to have more interesting things going on.

It does seem that Angus in the end really did believe in what he was selling and it wasn’t just an act like the ones Blaine has put on in the past.  After all, it takes a true believer to hop onto a horse and go charging at machine guns.  Now there for a minute I wondered if Inspector Clouseau (no I don’t remember his real name) was a true believer himself and would turn on the soldiers to create an opening or if this was all a trap by Fillmore-Graves in the end. OR a third option: he was a true believer but when Major & Co arrived at the exit, he was forced to resume pretending to be on their side and help stop the zombie horde.  See, in many other shows I’d assume one of the simpler explanations but this one has demonstrated a willingness to tackle those more nuanced character motivations so it could be the case.

Chase Graves ends up dying in a manner I was rather disappointed with, but Major is now in charge so I’m curious to see what they try and do next season.

And while I still don’t quite buy the Clive & Dale relationship, their wedding was sweet (I wonder if I can get Vampire Steve to be my minister…) and I liked Liv giving them the cure as a wedding gift.  I may make a video later about my thoughts on romance in stories but I don’t begrudge Clive his happiness and I do hope this works out for them.  Heck I wouldn’t mind if next season has a bit of a time skip so we can watch Clive be a dad.

While there will be more discussion on it in the season review, I will admit also that it was nice to see Liv finally get some recognition and appreciation for all her efforts.

Final grade I’ll give this one about a B-.  It’s weaker than some of the other finales but it had a solid, happy ending which I think the characters have at least earned by now.

General season review coming soon.

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