Episode Review – The Bad Place

Wow, they went for broke!  I mean…

Swing for the fences, boys.  Brah-voh!

Yes part of me knows that we’ll probably be disappointed what with this being a TV budget and all, but for a moment – just a moment – my imagination was afire with the possibilities before us.  Even with Once Upon a Time and Flash starting to burn me out on dimension hopping.

And am I the only one noticing that the cinematography seems to have taken a step up this season?  There were some BEAUTIFUL crane shots this episode (or were they filmed with drones?) and that ship set was so visually interesting you could almost overlook the little touches like the melted angel blades.

I know the episode wasn’t perfect.  There’s now a big question of if angels can “besiege” sigils then how come they didn’t do that back in episode 4.15?  While problematic (why can’t the angels just throw stuff at the sigils? they do have super strength), the sequence itself was entertaining to watch.  Though it still bugs me that now Dean & Sam have SEEN people turn angel blades into bullets and STILL haven’t thought to try doing that themselves.  If there’s a reason they can’t (maybe Crowley was able because he had hellfire to melt them for example) then I would like to PLEASE have the show explain why.

The characters were decent enough.  Though I cringed when Dean drew his gun, I wasn’t surprised given his expression after the vision and his resolve to save her “no matter what.”  It was at least foreshadowed.  I like that the episode was constructed so not even the audience was sure if Jack was killing (unintentionally or not).  The new girl turned out ok.  She could get a little maudlin sometimes but it balanced out well with Jack’s… jackness.  I actually wanted to see a little more of them interacting in their quasi-awkward way. (But I guess everybody’s got to fight nowadays.)  Patience was ok.  I approve of her doing the right thing just because she chooses to – maybe she’ll win me over yet.

Once upon a time, a few of us joked on twitter about “if SPN still did things.”  Sam and Dean in the land of the lost?  That would have fit there.  (Oh man if the next episode is complete with claymation monsters, I will die and go to heaven.)

Not much else to talk about here.  Still, this is why when you tell a story, you aim big.  Because then even a mediocre story becomes entertaining and is memorable.  (It’s pretty much the Marvel Movie Method.)  Objectively speaking this may be only average, but for me personally?  It was 4 shell all the way.  Way to go into the break on a high.


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