Episode Review – Patience

Oh hey Missouri is back!

Oh.  Right.  I … should have known better.

I mean, I liked Missouri and she was a welcome presence this episode, reminding us of the mother I was kind of hoping Mary would be last season and that one can be strong and kick ass without actually being physically strong or kicking literal ass.

Well, until the plot hits the “GOT TO KILL ‘EM ALL” button and has her die.  The psychic.  Dies.  AFTER she says she saw this coming.  I just… WHY?  If you saw it coming, how about… SETTING A FREAKIN’ TRAP!? You tell Dean Winchester to go save your family.  You know what would save your family?  If Dean killed the monster NOW so it can’t go attack your granddaughter LATER.  For Chuck’s sake could the episode be any more transparent?

Oh wait, we get the perfect high school student.  In case we don’t get that she’s perfect, we have her friend show up to talk about how the girl is super smart and great at athletics and wanted by all the boys because we can’t have our replacements be imperfect in any way.  I mean in the scene where her friend sells her to the audience, the friend is wearing glasses.  Glasses!  Why not give the glasses to Patience?  Get it?  Because the “blind psychic” is an old, well-useful trope.  So give the psychic girl bad eye sight.  Then we still have to have Dean and Jodie pitch her to the audience by praising and acting impressed.  Dammit show, I might actually LIKE this character if you’d back off and LET me!  While I didn’t always “like” Claire, I enjoyed watching and spending time with her because she was an interesting character who’s flaws were perfectly understandable and human such that I wanted to see her grow into someone I would like.

And the brothers’ positions STILL bugs me.  BUT!  At least this time they addressed Sam having a history and pointing it out to Dean.  Heck it would have been nice to see Sam out hunting with someone else for a bit and Dean “relapsing” into mom mode like he must have back when raising his brother.  (Comment below if you want me to rescript the closing argument if Dean & Sam were in different positions.)

It would have also been nice to see Jodie & Dean take out the wraith together instead of Dean getting a solo kill.

Yet do you know what?  It’s all STILL better done than much of Carver’s years.  A few seasons back, when the episode would run it’s “then” segment, the monster of that week would almost always be spoiled for you.  This week?  They reminded us about “wraiths” in the “then” segment, and then we get a wraith in the teaser.  That’s right – nothing to spoil! (which was my biggest shock of the night)  It was nice of them to remember Missouri and set up her granddaughter for the spin-off (look I just skimmed an article and it was obvious to me).  I wish it had been better written and Missouri was still alive but at least they remembered canon.  Again it’s clear they are at least trying and that makes me appreciate the effort even if the result isn’t great.

I’m going to score this…

They are at least still trying and working to rebuild the foundation and get the show back on track.  There were some missteps this episode – some which should be obvious from fanfic 101, but they keep heading in the right direction.


Oh hey… the MIGHT bring Castiel back.

. . .

I will be reserving judgement as well as a possible rant.


One thought on “Episode Review – Patience

  1. Script it! It just wasn’t enough. Plus Dean is pissing me off with his man pain.

    I agree with everything you said, but you were way kinder than I! Remember when this show used to take risks? When you don’t make an impression in the potential spinoff, you get the Dynasty reboot for monsters. Haven’t they learned anything from “Bloodlines?”

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