How SW:TFA could have been

A little something different this time.

Rather than trying to write out how the movie could have been, I thought I’d use toys this time instead.

Do you like? Hate? Prefer a text format or want more videos?

I originally had a joke in the video about the First Order being afraid of unions, hence their “debate” over clones vs recruit stormtroopers (still the dumbest moment in the movie). And atmospheric tie-fighters still offend me.

You know it is amazing, when rewatching the film, just how sloppy Star Wars 7 gets the longer it goes. The opening is pretty decent, fairly tight, but then Han Solo just “happens” to find Finn & Rey? Sure he says “the falcon can be tracked” when they go to the bar later, but that doesn’t stop Solo from then using the M. Falcon to infiltrate the base later. Did the enemy lose the ability to track the Falcon later? Why does Maz Kanata have Luke’s lightsaber in her lost & found? Why is R2-D2 shutdown at first, but then boot up later? Does he have a movie climax detector on board?

It’s also striking how all SW movies after the first 3 have had an arc villain problem. Think about it. In the original, Darth Vader doesn’t fight Luke, but defeats Luke’s TEACHER, proving just how much of a challenge the villain will be. In ESB, this is then confirmed when Luke fights Vader in the end and gets his ass kicked. This all pays off in RotJ when Luke is at least able to hold his own at first, and later defeat Vader in both a physical and metaphysical sense.

In Episode 1 (E1), Darth Maul is cut in half by Kenobi. E2 has Dooku but since we don’t see him for most of the movie, the defeat of the heroes feels more random than meaningful. With E3 Dooku is beaten in the first act then we go all over the place with bad guys, there’s no real payoff moment.

With E7, things are spread out with the showdown against Kylo lessening their impact. Chewie shot him, then Finn gets a lucky hit, then Rey outright scares the kid. By then, the audience has the impression that in the next movie Kylo will have work harder to defeat THEM rather than the other way around. Maybe he won’t be the arc villain, but if not, then the new trilogy is going to run into the problems of the prequels.

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