Episodes Reviewed – Ladies Drink Free & The British Invasion

Yeah I’m a bit behind.  Time for the lightning round!


Ladies Drink Free

I’ll admit, I buck against the fandom in that I actually like Claire.  Well not completely.  I know teens are snarky and all but she could still tone it down just a bit.  As low of an opinion as I have of teens, even I think they have enough sense to dial back the snark when life and death are on the line.

But otherwise I like the dynamic she brings to the show because it’s past time for the boys to be mentors to new hunters.

Otherwise most of the episode was a remake of Live Free or Twi-hard (6.05) only with the alpha plot exchanged for the BMoL plot.  And let’s be honest, while it had a fun start, the older episode petered out once Dean was turned so this was a time where remaking or reusing a plot was a good idea since they improved on the original.

We also see yet again a sign that had the BMoL bothered to BE NICE to the boys when they first met things would be going a lot smoother.  Anybody with common sense would see that letting the boys stay in a fancier hotel would get them on your side much better than torturing them.  Yet the show reminded us that the BMoL did kill the psychic girl from earlier in the season as well as the werewolf girl this episode.  This is why I don’t think the show really intends for the audience to believe that Toni at the start of the season was a “rogue faction.”  I know I’ve joked about the writers fighting each other this season but I think there may be some larger story arc they are aiming for.  Time will tell whether they actually execute this arc successfully but the writers are taking care of old canon well enough that I’m starting to gain some trust with them on the new.

All in all I give it…

Oh and the episode remembered the “close enough to original” plotline about werewolves.  It wasn’t a great piece of canon, and brings up later problems, but they are still remembering canon.  Now if they can just get around to fixing some of those less than brilliant pieces.

The British Invasion

So is it tradition now that every time the Colt is fired we’ll watch the bullet in slow motion?  I don’t mind that.

Anyway, I assure you I wrote the above review before watching this episode – which now makes some of the above funny in retrospect.  Looks like the organization was intended to always be evil-ish with individual members debating on what to do.  Eh – still not tight as a story but there’s time to bring everything together.  I’ll admit to some disappointment.  When the opener had, “Only one of you will be leaving this room” I thought the boys would figure out a way around it (like one of them left the room and the other stayed behind) and the BMoL would reward creative thinking or something.  Nope!  Gotta get in that evil quota!

Good to see the show did “follow” my advice and after giving Crowley a win in his last appearance, this time we see Lucifer making a clever win.  While I’m not sold on the BMoL execution yet, I’m really starting to get into the Lucifer v Crowley chess game.  I still really wish it was Michael in the body but this is kind of making up for the early season lameness with Lucifer.

Nice to see Eileen back and could there be some sparks between her and Sam?  I might be on board with that ship.  Wait, she gave Sam a hug, I’m pretty sure that means death is imminent.  Tell y’all what, if she can make it through the whole season alive, we’re doing a gofundme (or whatever) to send a bottle of congratulations or thanks wine or Kentucky’s finest bourbon to… who should we send it to?  Vote in the comments!

Mick died, that was sad.

Mary got to handle some big guns.  Nice of the prop department to give us some eye candy.

I’m going to give this episode… eh

That’s almost 3 episodes in a row of basic competence! Good job, everybody!


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