How Star Wars episode 3 should have been

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Episode 1 redone.

Episode 2 summation.

What is tricky about episode 3.

For my blog, episode 3 assumes the dreams linked above were made.  Hopefully the symbolism in this one isn’t too obvious.  I’ve also included a few dialog points for scenes that I think what is said by the characters is important.  Also emphasis on this being a rough draft.  If I ever come back and reread this I might change a few things.

{Opening Crawl}
Episode III:
Rise of the Sith

War continues to ravage the galaxy weakening both the REPUBLIC and UNITED WORLDS.

In a desperate move to end the conflict, a United General known as GRIEVOUS attacked the Republic capital and kidnapped Chancellor PALPATINE, leader of the Galatic Senate.

As Grievous tries to flee the capital system, two Jedi Knights race to save the captive Chancellor…

A similar start to the original movie.  There is a clash of capital ships with one very obviously pointed and moving away from Coruscant.  Anakin and Obi-Wan (who Anakin still calls Ben) fly towards it in a two-seater craft, Anakin flying and Ben acting as a gunner.  It’s a quick but exciting space flight scene with friendly banter.  It ends with Anakin grabbing one of the remote piloted ships and using it to get into the hanger of the dreadnought.  Once inside, droids and cybernetic clones (as hinted at in episode 2) attack the two Jedi, damaging their ship in the process.  Ben fends them off just long enough for Anakin to connect a device he was working on since episode 2 into the ship’s systems.  When he’s successful, the signals stop and all the droids and clones collapse.  Using his connection to the computer, Anakin locates the chancellor.

The Jedi enter a long, gym-like room with a tall ceiling shrouded in darkness.  At the far end is the Chancellor.  They head towards him when they hear a coughing sound.  The Jedi just barely withdraw their lightsabers in time to block Grievous who strikes quickly then dashes away into the shadows (as seen in his first appearance in Clone Wars).  As they fight, the Jedi taunt him, mentioning Mace Windu injuring him but Grievous replies with the Jedi he’s killed or wounded.  Grievous keeps employing hit and run tactics until Ben and Anakin use the force on the ceiling instead of trying to use it on Grievous.  They shift some plates above right as the general runs over them, causing him to fall.  The Jedi flank and attack but Grievous holds them off with a lightsaber in each hand.  Then his arms bisect and he withdraws two more lightsabers.  The fight shifts and he slowly gains the upper hand.  Eventually Ben leaves an opening and one of Grievous’ feet strike him, knocking the Jedi aside and scratching his chest badly.  With all four lighsabers focused on him, Anakin steadily retreats and loses ground, Grievous taunting him.  Then Anakin reveals he wasn’t fighting, he was studying.  He knows machines.  The hall is empty as the sound of screws and bolts hit the floor.  All four of Grievous’ arms fall off.  Anakin smiles as a close up shows the Force disconnecting the joints in Grievous’ legs.  He falls to the floor in a manner both tragic and comical.  Grievous taunts Anakin one last time before Anakin drives his lightsaber through the cyborg’s beating heart.

Anakin frees Palpatine right as Ben is coming around.  They debate what to do next while Anakin bandages Ben’s wounds as best he can.  Then a voice comes over their comms: It’s Owen!  They give him their location and meet him in the hanger bay where he lands his troop ship.  The ship lands and disgorges republic troops who are dressed similarly to stormtroopers.  Owen exits dressed in a uniform that’s a precursor to the imperial uniform.  During the greeting and banter, they mention Owen recently marrying Beru – Anakin pretends to not approve even though he was the best man at the wedding.  They agree to let Owen claim salvage of the dreadnought as the pay bonus will be useful to the newly weds.  In exchange, Owen let’s Anakin use his transport to get Ben back to Coruscant and to a hospital.

They fly back, giving the audience a view of a war-torn Coruscant with Anakin and Palpatine discussing how the war has ravaged the world.  There’s even some ruble and crashed ships from the battle that just took place.  Palpatine is saying they can take Obi-Wan to a special hospital for the Senate when Anakin notices a building with half a cruiser sticking out of it.  He flies over to it and rather than finding a place to land, Anakin leaps out and lands on a semi-clear place in the rubble.  Using the Force (which causes some of the debris to disintegrate) and his bare hands, Anakin digs through the rubble until finding Padme, unconscious.  Cradling her in his arms, he shouts for Palpatine to help him.

Cut to a hospital.  Anakin is trying to talk to an overworked nurse.  She explains that the hospitals are overloaded after the recent attack.  They can help Obi-Wan but they’re on a bacta tank rotation to try and save lives.  The nurse leaves.  Eventually a doctor arrives, calling Anakin’s name.  He’s there about Padme.  Anakin mentions he knows about the supply problem but asks when she’ll get a turn in the bacta tanks.  The doctor explains that they don’t put pregnant mothers in bacta.

The news almost knocks Anakin down.  Before he can ask, the doctor assures him that they should be able to save the baby and mother, but it will involve removing the child to incubation and then treating her.  They bring him to a window where he can look in on Padme’s room where she is sleeping before they take her to surgery.  Anakin stands there, alone his expression growing darker as he views his injured wife.  Palpatine enters the room.

PALPATINE: Anakin!  I personally saw to it that Jedi Kenobi was moved to the front of the line.

ANAKIN: You didn’t have to do that, Chancellor.

PALPATINE: After he was injured trying to rescue me?  It was the least I owed him.  Padme too after so many years of loyal service.  But they wouldn’t tell me what’s happening with her.

ANAKIN: They’re going to have to try to save both her and the baby.

PALPATINE: *beat* Oh.  *beat* So that’s why she quit a few months ago.  *pats Anakin on the shoulder* She will be a fierce and protective mother and you will make a fine father.  Your child will be a beacon of hope to the Republic.

ANAKIN: I… our last time together was four months ago.  She said she was feeling ill and was going to visit the doctor afterwards.  I guess she was waiting to tell me the news when I got back… *he slams his fist on the window* I should have been here!  I should have been protecting them!

PALPATINE: You’re one of the finest of our warriors, Anakin.  The Republic needed you – needs you fighting for it.

ANAKIN: Why?  Why do I have to fight?

*PALPATINE just stares at Anakin, bewildered by the question.*

ANAKIN: Look at the power the Jedi wield.  With the Force I could – they could make someone do anything.  Why didn’t they make the United Worlds surrender?

PALPATINE: Anakin, some would call that a fate worse than death.

ANAKIN: Is it?  Is it worse than the death of a dozen people?  *the window Anakin is looking at starts to shake*  Is it worse than the death of a hundred?  A MILLION?! *suddenly subdued* Is it worse than burying our children?  *the glass cracks diagonally across the face of Anakin’s reflection, bisecting it*


PALPATINE: I can’t answer.  But do the Jedi?

ANAKIN: *nods* They say it is worse.  *long pause*  But what if… what if the Jedi are wrong?

PALPATINE: Some out there disagree with their interpretations of the Force.


PALPATINE: *shrugs*  One hears things, while one is traveling the galaxy for the sake of politics.

ANAKIN: What did you hear?

PALPATINE: There was this… long dead cult.  They disagreed with the Jedi about the nature of the Force.  According to their teachings, it was truly One and their members sought to embrace its totality.

ANAKIN: Even the Dark Side?

PALPATINE: They said there was no such thing, it was a fiction invented by the Jedi to hinder the growth of their students and thwart any threats to their power.  At least, that was the story I heard.  Do you… ever feel like there was more to the Force than you were taught?

ANAKIN: *beat* Did this cult have a name?

PALPATINE: I think it was… the Sith.

ANAKIN: The sworn enemies of the Jedi?

PALPATINE: Are they? What would I know, I’m just a simple politician.  I’m sure what you heard was the truth.

ANAKIN: Unless the Jedi…

*a sound interrupts them, Palpatine pulls out of his pocket a device he consults*

PALPATINE: I should be going, Anakin.  The latest spy reports will be arriving for my review.  We were closing in on the location of the enemy’s leaders.

ANAKIN: Really?

PALPATINE: Yes but every time we get a force mobilized they’ve already left. *places a hand on Anakin’s shoulder* Now Anakin, don’t you worry, I will have some of my personal guard – Padme’s comrades – stationed here to protect her and your child.

ANAKIN: Thank you. *beat* Now about those reports…

We wipe to Darth Maul who is standing before the leaders of the United Worlds discussing the loss of General Grievous and planning their next move.  A voice suggest surrendering.  They look to see Anakin interrupting their meeting, his blue lightsaber glowing in hand.  Darth Maul taunts him about running away as he attacks.  Anakin fights back but appears to be overpowered at one point until he reveals his second, red-colored lightsaber.  As they fight, two lightsabers against two lightsabers, Maul comments on the origin of it and how much he has taught Anakin.  When their blades lock in combat, Anakin mentions learning plenty and presses a button on the red lightsaber.  The blade suddenly extends, piercing Darth Maul’s chest.

While they were fighting, the United Worlds leaders try to run to escape ships only to find them all destroyed and burning with Owen and his troops standing before the wreckage, aiming weapons.  Anakin then arrives, both lightsabers in hand.  Some of the leaders fire guns but are shot down by the soldiers.  None of the shots strike Anakin.  Most of the remaining leaders immediately surrender.  Anakin proceeds to slaughter them anyway over the shouting objections of Owen.  Eventually only [top leader] is left, pleading for mercy.  Anakin looms over him and as he speaks, the enemy echoes his words… Until Owen yanks Anakin literally and metaphorically.  Anakin looks ready to kill Owen (the latter briefly rubs his throat as if he felt a momentary tightness) but he calms down, saying they got what they came for.  Owen demands to know what that was and Anakin says, “Peace.”  Owen starts to argue some more until Anakin hands him the blue lightsaber.  When Owen asks, Anakin explains that it is a message for him to deliver to Padme and her child that Anakin will be returning to them soon.  Another message must be delivered first though, as we see the captured leader keeps repeating his surrender and the dissolution of the United Worlds over and over…

Cut to that repetition being replayed on a screen before the Galactic Senate.  The leader (still repeating, his mind is clearly “burned”) is hauled away as Palpatine steps up to address the Senate.  He explains that though the war is officially over, some remnants of the separatists don’t accept the surrender and continue fighting.  The draft and his emergency powers will have to be retained but he will immediately begin to decrease the use of both and transition things back to normality.  As his chancellor chair descends to thunderous applause, Anakin is revealed to be waiting in his office as well as a young officer.  Palpatine asks what the officer wants and he says he had an idea for a weapon to be developed but if the war is over… Palpatine looks at the hologram of a familiar sphere and says that while the war is over, danger still looms.  The weapon will be built and asks for the young officer’s name.  He reveals it is “Tarkin” then leaves.

Anakin is perturbed by the idea, pointing out that he alone can handle any threat to the Republic, especially as Palpatine further instructs him in more uses of the Force.  Palpatine points out that while Anakin is fast learning to embrace and use his passion, the Jedi will not approve of his role or choices.  Anakin thinks some will and a new age of the Jedi will be born.  At that moment a communique reaches Anakin, demanding him to return to the temple.  Palpatine tells him to go and see who will join them.

Wipe to the Jedi Temple where Qui-Gon Jinn is talking with a padawan when Anakin enters.  The padawan leaves and Anakin and Qui-Gon talk.  The Jedi know Anakin did something, and that it was wrong, but he can be forgiven.  Anakin won’t hear it and says they need to beg forgiveness for the way they abandoned the people who needed them.  Other masters arrive

ANAKIN: Join me.

QUI-GON JINN: We shall not.

ANAKIN: *activating his red lightsaber* Then draw your weapon.

QUI-GON JINN: We are masters of the Living Force. It is the only weapon we require.

The council strikes.  They bring a massive amount of the Force against Anakin, driving him to his knees.  The use of the Force is so great here, it becomes semi-visible with a faint light and distortion of the air around Anakin.  He resists as Qui-Gon repeats the plea to seek forgiveness.  Anakin finally throws them all back.  2 Jedi masters die from their impact with structures in the temple, and a 3rd is broken by Anakin using of the Force.  Anakin’s red lightsaber ignites.  The masters prepare their fighting stances, but only Mace Windu (the Master of Blades) withdraws a purple lightsaber.

The fight is swift but intense.  Anakin adopts a style like Grievous, moving around and striking at his foes quickly.  The masters try to use the Force against him but Anakin overpowers the effort or dodges it.  Twice he tricks or deflects one master’s attack into killing another.  At one point, Qui-Gon halts Anakin’s lightsaber inches away from his chest, but Anakin again activates the saber to grow and it pierces Qui-Gon’s heart.  Eventually only Mace Windu is left.  The lightsaber duel is intense.  Mace mentions that Anakin was good, he might even have replaced Mace one day, but not anytime soon.  Anakin points out that lightsabers are still machines and with a flick of his wrist, Mace’s weapon switches off and he is struck down.

Anakin then walks towards the temple’s basement.  He swiftly cuts down a few challengers on the way.  One guy he just activates the lightsaber while it’s on the man’s belt and the man is cut in half by his own weapon.  He eventually arrives at the large “server room” housing the Jedi archives.  We watch Anakin look for and select a recording of what just happened and then selectively remove parts of the conversation and battle.  Then he pulls out a hovering camera and sets it to film him.  We see his image appear on screens all over the Republic.

ANAKIN: People of the Republic.  You know me as Anakin, a Jedi who fought for all of you through this long and terrible war.  It is with great sadness that I must tell you of how the Jedi have failed you – have failed me – how I have failed you.  The Jedi demanded much of us all: From their temple on Coruscant to the taking of your children because they were ‘chosen.’ And for what?  To protect us?  When did you see a Jedi help you?  Where were they when your lives were in danger?  They did not care about the common man and they let this war happen!  If the Jedi had the power they claimed, they could have stopped that war before it happened.  But they didn’t.  *beat* When I realized this, I confronted them about it.  *footage of the previous action scene begins to play* The Jedi council attacked me for my insolence.  But I knew it was a sham, and their ‘power’ could not harm me.  The Jedi were a lie, and they are no more.  You – We are all free of their deception.

As the speech is shown on screens, we cut to various scenes.  Eventually the sequence ends in Palpatine’s office where he watched with the largest, happiest grin on his face.  Once the speech is over, Palpatine speaks into a comm, asking if Padme is awake yet.  There is a negative and he orders the guards to make sure they secure Skywalker’s child.

Transition to a guard in a proto-red uniform acknowledging the order.  It turns and and 2 others nod to it before it goes to Padme’s room.  Not long after it enters, Padme begins making sound.  The guard removes its helmet to reveal a young woman seen in the background in the previous movie.  She approaches the bed.  Padme, recognizing the other girl as having helped train her, asks what’s going on and the guard replies.  Padme asks about her child and husband.  The guard assures her the child is safe then turns on a video screen and taps it a few times to bring up Anakin’s broadcasted speech.  Padme expresses disbelief and the guard agrees – she couldn’t believe it about the Jedi either.  Padme mentions the guard’s gun and she hands it to Padme for inspection.  They have a brief exchange about its specs, including a stun rating of 4 hours!  Padme then shoots the guard with said stun setting.  Padme then gets out of her bed, wincing with pain and having trouble with her left arm.

Wipe to a red-guard limping down the hall towards the two guarding the nursery.  One of them inquires what happened and the injured one replies that she was blindsided in Padme’s room.  Pointing down the hall, she orders one of them to check security.  One guard starts to run off.  When their back is turned, the new guard shoots the standing one with a gun set to stun, then shoots the running guard as they turn back around.  The 3rd guard then enters the nursery and pulls off her mask to reveal Padme.  She starts checking the cribs, eventually finding one labeled, “Skywalker” – then the camera slowly pans over to show a second crib with the same name.  Padme is stunned for a moment, then overjoyed to see both of her children.  Using blankets present, she fashions a crude sling as best she can using only her right arm, then gathers the two children into it, strapping them against her, whispering reassurances.  She exits and limps around the hospital, which now we see is overflowing with the wounded from the attack – Padme seemed to have been in a “private wing” (probably provided by Palpatine).  The hospital is so busy, none of the doctors and nurses bother her, and eventually she ducks into a closet, pulling out a communicator she took from the guard.

PADME: Anakin? *beat*  Ani please talk to me.

ANAKIN: *the sound of a lightsaber in action* Hello?  Padme?

PADME: Ani!  Thank the Force.  Are you alright?

ANAKIN: Am I alright?  Are YOU alright?  How is our child?

PADME: *glances down* He is… fine.  I’m fine.

ANAKIN: He?  We have a son?

PADME: *can’t help but smile* We do.  *steadies herself* I saw your speech – what happened with the Jedi?

ANAKIN: Negligence.  Treachery.  They do nothing about the evils in the galaxy yet have the nerve to–

PADME: Anakin let’s just… leave.  Forget the war.  Forget the Jedi.  Come get me at the hospital and we can go somewhere to raise our family.

ANAKIN: I will soon, my love.  I’m almost finished here.

PADME: No – please, Ani we have to go–

Anakin hangs up the call and Padme begins to sob as she realizes that she’s lost the man she loved.  One of the babies crying snaps her out of it.  Wiping her tears, she uses the communicator again to contact Owen.  He wants to talk about Anakin’s broadcast but she cuts him off and tells him and Beru to get what they can and come to her at the hospital – now.  After the call, she stumbles back out in the madness of the hospital.  Finding a nurse, Padme asks where she can find Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Cut back to Anakin putting away his communicator as he stalks the halls of the Jedi Temple.  He comes to a door that won’t open at first but with a nudge from the Force, he gains entry.  Anakin takes one step in, looking at a room full of children – then points his lightsaber at a figuring cowering to his left, clutching a broom.

ANAKIN: Who are you?

YODA: Simple janitor, I am.  A Jedi, I be not.

CHILD1: Jedi Skywalker, what’s going on?

ANAKIN: *studies Yoda a moment, then addresses the children* The Jedi have lied to you.  Lied to us all.

CHILD2: What about the Force?

ANAKIN: Forget about it.  Forget everything you’ve learned here.  Grow up and live normal, happy lives.  You! *points lightsaber at Yoda* Lead these children outside.  There are troopers waiting to take them back home to their parents.

YODA: *jumps a bit then nods*  See to them, I will.  Younglings, this way.

ANAKIN: *watches the children file out, following Yoda – he thinks a minute then contacts a trooper outside the temple* Commander?

TROOPER: Yes sir?

ANAKIN: A small, old, green man will be leading a bunch of children out.  See they return home, but detain the elderly one for further questioning.

We cut to outside where Yoda leads the children out.  The troopers start gathering up the children while ignoring Yoda who hobbles onward on his cane.  He directs one trooper to put him in an unused transport then flies off.  The entire time, the troopers working with the children keep looking for the small, green one.  At one point the one who helped him into a transport even says he hasn’t seen anything.

Cut to a hospital room where Obi-Wan is getting dressed as best he can despite the bandages wrapped around his chest.  Padme breastfeeds the newborns while the two of them talk about the situation.  Owen and Beru arrive, asking what is going on.  Everyone seems to be at a loss for words until, “Fallen on us, the Dark Side, has.”  Yoda enters.  Obi-Wan asks and Yoda explains that Anakin belongs to the Sith now and they must escape.  They ask why Yoda couldn’t stop Anakin.  He explains that it was more important to see to the younglings’ safety and to fight Anakin would make things worse.  Kenobi demands to know how things could be worse and Yoda only replies, “Prove not, Skywalker right.  To fight pushes him further to the Dark Side.”  They must escape Coruscant, but Kenobi refuses, picking up his lightsaber and heading out.  Yoda sighs and shakes his head.

Wipe to Obi-Wan, entering the temple.  Sitting on some debris, surrounded by fallen bodies, Anakin sits, tinkering with his lightsaber.

ANAKIN: Sorry you had to come here, Ben.  I was aiming to come to you.

OBI-WAN: Anakin, what have you done?

ANAKIN: *sighs* They should have listened.  I thought a few would listen… but none of them would.

OBI-WAN: How could you?

ANAKIN: *stands up and faces Obi-Wan* How could I?  If anyone could understand what I was doing it should be you!  No Jedi saw more of the war than you!  How many did you watch die?

OBI-WAN: However much death I saw–

ANAKIN: *shouting* HOW MANY?!?

OBI-WAN: *beat* Two-thousand, four-hundred and fifty-one.

ANAKIN: And it never occurred to you that you could use the Force to bring the war to an end?

OBI-WAN: Peace cannot be bought this way!

ANAKIN: It can.  I have learned the truth about the Force.  With its power, the galaxy will know peace.

OBI-WAN: It’s not worth it, Anakin.  The peace won’t be real.

ANAKIN: Let’s ask the families of those two-thousand dead soldiers what they consider a fair price.  My son, will know no war.

OBI-WAN: *shaking his head* Please.  Stop this.

ANAKIN: You did give me my freedom.  I’ll allow you to leave, Obi-Wan. *turns his back on Kenobi*

OBI-WAN: My padawan is dead.  You have betrayed the Jedi, and yourself, Anakin.  Forgive me.

Obi-Wan lunges forward and Anakin whirls around.  The two lightsabers clash and the battle begins.  Obi-Wan is still suffering from his injuries, Anakin is exhausted from the earlier battles, yet both are still fierce in their fighting despite the lack of grace.  Debris flies about from their use of the Force, launching at each other and exploding against counter strikes.  As the fight goes on, sharp eyed viewers might start to notice a pattern to Obi-Wan’s movements as he keeps going from column to column.  The temple groans and more debris falls from the ceiling.  Eventually he lifts a large piece of masonry with the Force and throws it hard.  Anakin dodges it but follows the debris’ path with his eye and notices its flying at the sole, remaining column in the temple.  In that fleeting second, Obi-Wan pushes again with the Force, and Anakin tumbles backwards, before the temple collapses on top of him.  Obi-Wan just manages to escape as explosions and fires break out in places over the temple.

Cut to Owen, Beru, Yoda, and Padme waiting at a landing pad when Obi-Wan approaches.  Padme can’t even ask the question and burst into tears when Obi-Wan shakes his head.  He expresses appreciation for them waiting, and Owen points out nobody’s allowed to leave the planet.  They’ve been trying to figure out a way to escape.  That’s when Bail Organa arrives and offers them a ride.  He’s a senator now (elected off his war record) and as such isn’t subject to the lockdown order.

Cut to Palpatine, ordering troops to clear the debris of the Jedi Temple as they work to put out the fires.  He begins moving what he can with the Force.  Eventually he finds Anakin burned by one of the fires.  He is breathing very shallow thanks to being pinned though he is using the Force to lift just enough to take those shallow breaths.  His legs are utterly crushed as is his mechanical right arm but his left is ok.  Palpatine mutters reassurances.

Cut back to a conference room in Bail Organa’s ship.  Everyone is silent at first.  Beru breaks it by asking the children’s name.  Padme considers it a moment then says “Luke and Leia.”  Yoda explains he will go to Dagoba.  A place strong in the Dark Side there will hide him.  Bail offers Padme and the twins a home.  Him and his wife would like to have children in their household, he can use his status as a senator to hide her.  Obi-Wan objects, pointing out that Palpatine was interested in the kids in the hospital.  He realizes now Palpatine was the Sith all along, and they must separate the children for their own safety.

During the talk, cut to Palpatine overseeing Anakin being fitted with the cybernetics he needs while the voices overlay the scene.

Owen and Beru say they can take the other child with them since Owen always planned to start a farm.  Obi-Wan says he knows just the place.

Cut to Darth Vader being complete and raised on a table.  Palpatine asks Anakin how he is doing.  “That name no longer has any meaning for me.”  “As you invaded the Jedi, so Darth Vader shall you be called,” says Palpatine.  He starts to tell Vader about his wife and child but DV interrupts up, saying he needs more instruction as there are still Jedi out there in the galaxy.

Wipe to the home of Owen and Beru Lars. Owen can’t believe this is theirs.  Obi-Wan wishes them well.  He points in a direction and says there is a rocky part of the property he’ll build his hut on.  Owen can come to him for help anytime he needs.  The two men shake hands, then Beru, who has been cradling Luke all this time, sighs then hands him to Obi-Wan saying that she hopes they come and visit.  “No,” says Obi-Wan.  “You must raise, Luke.  He… must be raised among the common man.  He has to learn and understand – above all else – who the Jedi fight for, and why.”  Obi-Wan heads out into the desert under the settings suns, while Owen and Beru watch him go, holding onto Luke.



6 thoughts on “How Star Wars episode 3 should have been

  1. It’s dramatic, it makes sense with the original series’ take on the Force, and it makes the whole “we can’t do this thing” make some sense. As the movies stand…well,there’s a reason “gray jedi” are a thing.

      • Should’ve gone with “plaid” or something….

        Also, TOTALLY misread that as “the Dark Slide.” Makes as much sense as some of the other random “dark” things. (Seriously, force lightning is evil, force-choking is evil, but smashing people with rocks using the force is OK, and freaking mind control is OK?)

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