Episode Review – Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell

It’s amazing this season how often you can tell the episodes where people tried.

So awhile back I heavily criticized a line of Crowley’s.  This week we learned that the magic of the cage isn’t in the chains, but in the body of the vessel.  So applause Supernatural, the reveal this week ironed out almost all issues raised by the previous episode.  It even explains away the earlier line and implication as Crowley applying a psy-op against Lucifer.  Was this intentional on parts of the previous writers?  I don’t know, but I will be fair and go ahead and give them credit.  Between this and episode 12.15, Davy Perez is fast becoming my own personal hero of the season for his ability to smooth canon.  You keep fixing stuff like this, sir, I will send you a care package of gratitude!

The rest of the episode was… ok.  Not great but very solid, especially as I started to almost care about secondary characters again – you know, like the show used to do.  True Herb Nelson (really? that name?) was no Ronald Reznick but they’re trying!  I almost cared about Gwen living and like that they used her story to tie into the boys’ and help teach them something (again, like the show used to).

The “make Hell great again” line was a clunker but still in keeping with the show.  Still it would have been better had the line been something like “make Hell evil again.”  Then you’d still have the reference, but also slip in a fun meta commentary on – well let’s be honest, Hell has lost a lot of its “teeth” as they say.  Instead of a nightmarish, torture-ish land, nowadays it’s more like the other camp from across the lake in a summer comedy.

I’m thrilled the show remembered the boys should have glasses that let them see hellhounds.  I know why they didn’t do it (it would be silly visually) but it would be interesting to think if the boys had treated something like a set of goggles that don’t come off so easy.  I also liked the “walk in the woods” Crowley and Dean took which had a bit of a meta commentary on it too.  Which is ironic because this was another episode where Crowley’s actions make sense as a character (you don’t want a loose hellhound) yet Dean teases him as if he’s acting just because it’s in the script.  As someone frustrated with Crowley’s behavior the last few seasons, I got a good laugh out of it.

While I’m still not thrilled with Lucifer being loose, this did start bringing me around on it.  In a metaphorical chess match in a story, it’s important to alternate which side is winning at the moment.  Crowley previously had a “win” last time we saw him so this episode has Lucifer winning at one point then Crowley winning after that.  I only hope another writer takes advantage of the time gap between Lucifer’s appearances to reveal that he set up some kind of backup plan against Crowley.  Hopefully it will be entertaining and not a train-wreck (though I’m still betting on the latter).

Not much else to say.  The episode is quite solid and fixes what it can where it can.

Feels weird to say but let’s be honest, after the previous seasons and episode that doesn’t screw up is one we can put in the win column.

EDIT: Oh right, I almost forgot.  The episode started with a Walking Dead shout out that was so meta, I’m surprised the world didn’t end.  Very funny guys.


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