Episodes Reviewed – Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets & Regarding Dean

Not a whole lot to talk in depth, let’s do two episodes at once.

Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets


See?  THIS is what I’m talking about.

I know a lot of the SPN fandom has been down on the angels and I get that, especially with the way they’ve been handled the last few seasons.  Yet this episode proves that compelling stories can still be done with them.  We’re talking beings that have millions, billions of years to their names so there’s plenty of possibilities to be done with their past and the consequences of their actions.

Was the episode perfect?  Not completely, but the important demonstration is that the makers of it clearly tried.  They remembered canon and (more importantly) took advantage of opportunities previous stories had provided.  When Lily revealed that she only started on her plan after she saw the angels fall (end of S8) I practically cheered.  The only thing that would have made me happier is if it was revealed that Metatron’s S8 plan was really her’s all along (it would explain why in S9 he seemed to have no idea what he was doing).  Although to paper over that would have taken longer screentime and weakened the intended emotional backdrop of any scene it was placed in – so I don’t mind the missed opportunity this time.  Heck they could come back with this retcon later if they wanted.  Maybe invent some way for Castiel to transfer his grace to Lily so he can be a mortal and she can be the new angel pal. (would it be a stretch? sure, but it would be a smaller distance in this case than say… Lucifer being in Castiel’s body)  Very well done, everyone.

I do wish they had established a bit more culpability with the rest of the garrison as with the way the show displayed the scene it gave an undertone to Lily’s actions that she had murdered several mostly innocent soldiers.  Had they say… surrounded the house and kept her from escaping it would have added some grey to the proceedings.

All told out of 5, I give this episode…

Regarding Dean


Wow that was… kind of a hard episode to watch if you have any family that is suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s.  First monster of the week that hit me emotionally in a long time.  Excellent job done by Jensen in portraying a heartbreaking scene.

Kudos to the writer and director who deftly moved the episode from laughing at Dean, to crying WITH him, to then making it a Momento homage. I am disappointed that since the episode apparently ran a little short, we got to watch Dean on the bull instead of making things up to the cute bartender.  I mean, I didn’t expect a graphic sex scene but couldn’t we watch him go on a date and just… connect with a civilian and enjoy a normal life for a moment.  When’s the last time we saw that?

Now it was great to see SAM returning to form.  If you paid close attention to the post-it notes (which I am impressed managed to stay stuck to anything) you can notice the difference between Sam’s and Rowena’s.  And Sam apparently knew his brother was going to get into the trunk.  When was the last time we saw him demonstrate that kind of foresight towards his brother?  Heck he even freed himself from his restraints which is something he used to always do.  Yes both episodes had a return to the “point my hand at you and pin you to a wall” fight scenes but if we can get our characters back on track like this I don’t mind (plus we got some decent fisticuffs earlier in the season).  It’s like… the current show creators have realized just how off track Supernatural had gotten the last few seasons and are slowly restoring its spirit and life bit by bit.  Honestly, keep at it folks. Even if they aren’t great, I’ll respect ya for trying.

Both of these episodes?  I’m rating on Gamble’s scale.  Congrats.

Well done all around.


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