Episode Review – Rock Never Dies

TL;DR – Good enough plot, wrong character.


“When’s the last time we were in LA? Was it ten years ago, doing a vengeful spirit? Man, seems like forever ago. Doesn’t it?” -Dean

Yes!  S2, episode 18.  That’s it!  That’s what I’m always going on about!  Just a simple line, relevant to the plot, a second of screentime, but totally referencing canon, correctly.  It’s not much, just a moment that adds to the richness and realism of the show.  Now if we can just get the show to acknowledge the Gamble seasons…

I also liked that in the showdown, we had Sam holding the doors open to help everyone escape in a pose very reminiscent of Samson (note his first 3 letters).  For those who may have forgotten, Samson was a Jewish figure from the old testament who was known for his stupendous strength – that was tied to his hair.  So whether it’s an intentional meta joke or not, it’s even harder to deny in fanon that Sam’s power comes from his hair.  I like moments that work the more you think about them.

Then there’s the rest of the episode.  In general it was ok.  I liked the characters working a case from multiple angles and that they tried to get information without outright torturing people for once (though people apparently still forget that Castiel has mind meld powers).  The thing is… Lucifer’s plot seemed far more befitting Metatron from S9 than anything really in character for this show’s Satan. Once again it seems like things about the show would be far more fitting (and interesting) were it Michael that was out and about rather than Lucifer.

We again get a sense of the writers kind of fighting each other as Rowena spoke and acted to give the audience the sense her spell would delay Lucifer for awhile.  But it really didn’t (as I noted back in that review) depending on how we interpret the time frames of the episodes.  He came back anyway then lay low for a time formulating something new.

I’m torn on the mobile scrabble game.  “Lucifer” is clearly spellable in Dean’s tray but nobody ever comments on it in show, not even Dean who really should have freaked out a bit.  Was this an easter egg to the fans or is somebody trying to get messages to the boys?  Still, this is a debatable moment of the show that I don’t mind.  That is the kind of stuff you can leave unexplained (not central plot elements).

Finally we have everybody’s panic at the end of the episode over Lucifer’s revelation.  But it’s not that different from what Lucifer’s plan was back in S5 originally, he’s just now going to kill everyone personally rather than have the Horsemen and demons handle that.  What’s the big deal?  Actually I really wish they had just put him back in the cage at that point.  Hell Lucifer came off as so personally defeated, it would have been in character for him to toss himself back in the cage.  They’ve really completed the character arc for him and I really wish they’d let the character just go for awhile.

But this is all more nitpicky, on the whole this is still a better episode than most of what we’ve gotten the previous Carver years so…

A solid 3 out of 5.

Now I really wish S9 had been all about Metatron becoming a rock legend in order to be worshiped by people.


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