Episode Review – Alpha & Omega

So the finale to another season.  Well in the grand tally it doesn’t make the top half but–


*cough* I mean… let’s soberly analyze this.

Ok, for those curious I’ve lived in Louisville, KY for several years now and one of the famous landmarks around here is Waverly Hills, so it’s hard not to feel a swell of “my town” pride with it being name dropped in this episode.

Heck it almost makes me want to get some people together and make a quick fan film on location at Waverly Hills with some people dealing with the aftermath of S&D’s visit.

Anyway, besides that… I wish I was more surprised by what happened but this was just more of everything I’ve been warning y’all about.  Heck they have a big emotional scene for Dean’s soon-to-be death which – ok I get that an explosion might be beyond even Castiel’s healing powers, but why not Chuck’s?  After everything he’s not going to put Dean back together as a final act?  I’ll admit I was having trouble hearing some parts of the episode, were there any lines about Dean’s resurrection being beyond Chuck’s weakened state or perhaps too late if he died before Dean blew up?  I’m honestly curious if I missed a line.

And it’s not that I necessarily mind a “redeem villain” plot but shouldn’t there be SOME penance done by Amara?  Especially a being as powerful as she is?  Oh she brought back Dean’s mom, yeah WHAT ABOUT ALL THE PEOPLE SHE KILLED?  The souls she sucked out?  Remember that cute little police officer at the beginning of the season?  The ordinary people of faith she took her rage out on?  All the rabids?  I don’t care how much of a dick your brother was to you, it is not an excuse to MURDER people (but that seemed to be a theme the last couple of episodes, “having a mean family member doesn’t make you guilty of killing).  Maybe at least a line or acknowledgement that she felt sorry for all of that and wanted to (or was going to) bring them back.  I mean, last episode she rants about wanting her brother to live long enough to see her destroy everything, then this episode she acts all horrified that destroying means everything will be destroyed!  Had this been stretched out over 2 episodes, maybe 3, the character arc might have been more believable but all shoehorned in as it was it feels less like “she realizes the emptiness of revenge” and more like a cheap joke about “dem women and their mood swings eh?”  I mean they called her “The DarknessTM” all season!  Just possessing the key to her door drove Dean to be a demon and go on murdering rampages the previous season!  What in any of that leads one to conclude, “oh she just needs a hug”? (or “needs to get laid” judging from her intense interest in Dean – actually they should have had Sam screw her as a possible way to finish her off)

Of course, we have now gone through the entire season, and nobody, not once, mentioned Death’s Scythe.  Not even Crowley who had the thing before and had an excuse for not to be up on the updates in the Supernatural world even asked, “hey what about that thing that could kill even God?” when they’re all at the end of their rope.

So just like the rest of the season, in the end the finale sputters to a close, doing a bang up job as long as you avoid doing any thinking.  3 out of 5 because it gets a bonus shell for going to Louisville.


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