Episodes Reviewed – All in the Family & We Happy Few

I’m trying to decide whether I should review these separately or as a 2 part whole.

All in the Family

I admit, I had to go and read Alice’s review to even remember what happened this one.  I could barely remember with my tweets (hashtag #SPN11x21 if you want to find them).  Of course that’s what happens when one doesn’t utilize a proper story structure and has everything be just a series of random events.

And not like on Seinfeld which was fond of having a reveal at the last minute that all the events were leading up to a story structure.

Then again I am disappointed that the boys were trying to drive backwards from Amara.  I kept hoping at some point Sam would throw it into drive and hit her.  Given everything about the car we’ve seen it would be almost plausible for her to have been injured by that.

The new prophet?  Eh he was alright, although I’m religious and even I started to tire of all the atheism lines.  Once was plenty, we get it.  At least I will never tire of calling him prophet George RR Martin (because he totally is).

This episode was so unremarkable I got side tracked on twitter with a conversation about just how bad season 9 was (hint: still bad). They didn’t even run with the incredibly obvious jokes or references. “Does God sleep?”  Nobody came up with, ‘well on the 7th day he rested’?  Not even a discussion about how being free means accepting responsibilities?  No discussion about Death dying?  It’s fitting that this episode had the title of a sitcom but it had the wrong one, it should have titled “Seinfeld” because it really was about nothing and I almost feel like I’m giving it more credit than it deserves by continuing to talk about it.

But I did like Metatron finally being more of a good guy again.

We Happy Few

So Prophet GRRM died.  Just another example of how pointless and nothing the previous episode was.

Then in this episode we got family sit down time with Lucifer.  Because we all know the only thing holding Hitler back from turning his life around and joining the allies was a sitdown with his dad.  YES I WENT THERE because in case people forgot, Lucifer is EVIL – and that includes being a racist (yeah, remember how all of his acts started because he hated humans?) with at least a body count as high as any of history’s worst monsters.  But he gets a healing session while Michael is “beyond help.”   Yeah, I can at least follow along a “we have to team up to defeat a worst evil” idea but stop CODDLING the guy.  Anyone remember the time when Bobby chewed out Dean over how he was acting?  And Dean was just being surly and rude.  Lucifer did worse and nobody bothers to go, “nut up and get on board or there won’t be anything left to sulk.”  They did that much to Crowley and he at least has shown more signs towards a possible redemption.

The showdown was mostly ‘meh.’  Sure it works at the moment if you turn off your brain and enjoy it, but as soon as its over and you start to think about it…  5 witches take on God’s sister?  And that demon attack had far less impact than it did in episode 6.22 (and that time they just flipped the car).  The angel blast at least worked visually.  But why were the boys even there in the first place?

Amara’s cage still makes no internal logic.  It has to have a lock & key, when Purgatory (the Leviathans’ cage) didn’t, and Lucifer’s needed 60+ seals to be broken.

Oh but let’s go back to the angels.  So Lucifer convinces them to help with Castiel’s aid.  Why?  Could it be because earlier in the season Castiel had approached the angels and rallied them to smite Amara in a combined effort to try and save the world?  Oh wait, HE DIDN’T DO THAT!  Yet again we see how the writers apparently inability to grasp the obvious points in front of them hose their own stories.  Had Castiel been the rallying leader (which would have at least tied into the supposed character arc he was supposed to have had in the previous two seasons) then not only would it have been more organic and logical for him, broken and desperate, to say yes to Lucifer, but now it would have been logical for him to be the one to rally the angels again.  It would have been poetic and made a story & character arc!

And for two episodes now we keep having this “Dean is drawn to Amara” which is all completely told, and never shown – not even Jensen’s acting can pull that off.  At least when Sam wanted demon blood, it was SHOWN to us that he wanted it, it wasn’t just him whining about it all the time.  Heck we got more demonstrating that Sam wanted Bella than Dean wanting Amara. (was a single dream sequence too good for this season?)

I mean if you want comparisons, here’s how I wrote Sam & Dean meeting God SIX years ago (and I see the writers went with almost the same).  Here’s how I wrote the boys gathering a force for a huge offensive (which would take more than an episode or at least the entire episode with no parental therapy in it).  If TPTB want to go big, then GO BIG, y’all.


I was reading Shamus Young’s explanation of how badly awry the Mass Effect series went (I should probably do that with Supernatural post S5) and something he said in this week’s post pretty accurately sums up these last two episodes.

This is the point in the story where all of the pieces should suddenly snap together, and instead it’s a big shapeless pile of tropes and half-baked ideas that don’t have anything new to say.

Next week probably won’t be the worst season closer (that’s still S8) but it’s hard to see how it won’t be a trainwreck.


2 thoughts on “Episodes Reviewed – All in the Family & We Happy Few

  1. Purgatory is different from the MoC or Lucifer’s Cage. It’s an afterlife. Plus in order to open a doorway to it, you need to do an ultra specific ritual during a lunar eclipse, with blood specific to a creature from Purgatory. That’s as much of a key as an entire shrimp boat going blind at sea, which was one of seals.

    Also, the prophet Donatello isn’t dead, he’s just soulless. If you are going to review something, I would think the first point is to actually pay attention so you can give an informed critique. Saying I got so bored I was distracted by Twitter shows just plain amateurish writing.

    • And if you’re going to comment on something maybe you can do so with some manners. Better yet, go and write your own critique. Last time I checked being bored by something is still valid criticism.

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