Supernatural episodes I want to see

To the point that I would write these episodes if I have to.  (not that I’m trying to build up some kind of fan movement to get me on the show… *shifty eyes*)

I have heard stories that back in the day, Star Trek (up to TNG at least) would accept fan submissions and story ideas for the show.  From what I can tell, this hasn’t been the case for any show for some time, which strikes me as a shame, though I can see how it happened.  This long ongoing, it strikes me that Supernatural can do a lot worst to try and keep itself fresh than allow outside input.

I also know I’ve done similar things before, well this time is serious, these are real ideas I’d love to see on the show, even the comedy ones.  Mostly overviews right now, if you want more details, ask and I could do a followup post.

Monster Truck of the Week
Driving back from a case, the boys see a monster truck rally going on and decide to stop by and enjoy the show.  While there they hear word of “gremlins” plaguing some of the drivers but they dismiss it all while laughing at the thought of the 80’s movies.  Until one of the little fiends gets a hold of Baby and they realize the danger is all too real.

The following two are similar and I do have a particular guest star in mind for both.

Born on the 4th of July
Dean and Sam hunt down a monster from Britain that was “dumped” on the American northeast during the Revolutionary War.  To stop it, they’ll have to learn the history of the first hunters that served the nation: a Pilgrim descendant named Aiden Campbell (played by Bruce Campbell) and the latest of an Ameridian hunter legacy (NOT played by Johnny Depp) try to stop it.

Savage Garden
Sam and Dean must hunt down the very first monster that plagued humans, a being called the Serpent.  The story will also be told about the very first hunter (really the last survivor of a hunting party that went after it).  The First Hunter should be played by Bruce Campbell if he isn’t in the other episode.
(this could also kick off a season long arc I realize – that’s why the Serpent is vague – could be firstborn of Eve, could be first non-human demon made by Lucifer)

You Never Will Believe Where the Cookies Come From
The Fae Realm declares war on the human realm, and first step is poisoning the food supply.  Only the results are not exactly fatal…  Robert Picardo returns for round 2 only this time he’s taking medication for his OCD and he’s not happy with Dean as the “one that got away.”

Four Color Inception
Sam and Dean rescue a kid from a djinn, but the local hospital finds it cannot revive him.  Using the dream tea, the boys go into the illusion for another rescue, only to find the kid is a comic lover.  The boys end up having to don colorful spandex to fight crazy villains or the kid may never wake up again.

Tales Through a Looking Glass
Things heat up for our heroes as the nation begins cracking down on “hunters” and the FBI has decided to put two of their best agents on the case, Sam and Dean Winchester, along with their best field tech, Charlene Middleton.  But the hunters won’t be so easy to catch.  Victor Henriksen was going to be an FBI agent until one case pushed him into the life.  His partner, Doug Stover (who is a total ripped badass) has been hunting ever since something unexplained killed his wife, Donna.  And they’ve just found a clue that something is wrong with the world…
(Could potentially be a 2-parter.)

Actually that one intrigues me enough I might just have to make up a spec script.  Vote yay or nay in the comments if you’d want to read it.


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