Episode Review – Chitters

Tonight on “does this remind you of anything?”

. . .

Did you guess “Wendigo”?

Close but that would be wrong.

The actual answer is that this episode is a remake of the 7th season’s Adventures in Babysitting. though thankfully they learned their lesson this time and have them suggest, “hey help us out?” to the other hunters at the episode’s close except this time they invented an actual REASON not to.

I’m also still annoyed that the show wants to do this whole “revenge is bad” thing when I keep thinking, “you idiots! your own quests for revenge have generally saved the world!”  And in this case, a new cycle of innocent lives in the future!  I’m not saying revenge is a good thing in and of itself, but the show is also demonstrating that it’s not an evil thing in and of itself.

Rest of it was meh.  I do like adventures in the woods and this is the 2nd outing in some this season.  It also feels more like the boys are getting back to their blue-collar roots and to the “listening in to folklore” style the show used to have.  Though I’m still trying to figure out how creatures that lose genitalia are supposed to have breeding orgies.

Decapitation works again – meh.  For a season that started out with “let’s try saving people” it was disappointing to not have them even try or ask about an exorcism-like ritual to help the victims.  While an improvement on the S7 episode it copied, this one didn’t improve enough to pull the score up, still a 3 out of 5.

Though still a decent sign the show might be getting back on track.


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