Episode Review – The Devil in the Details

Are the show makers reading this blog?  One of you guys or gals reading this right now? Ok gentle reader, I apologize but since this episode was directed towards the fans, I’m going to have to direct the review towards the makers.

Dear writers etc,

This season you’re trying – I get that, it comes through in the show, especially compared to the previous two seasons where we the audience began to wonder if any of you even liked the show.  The effort is appreciated, really it is.

Heck I do a whole “remix” series about characters being turned into merchandise, and then you guys go and put AN ACTUAL FUNKO POP OF SAM IN THE SHOW?  For a moment I wondered if you were actually waving at me specifically.  Also it wasn’t that long ago Obscura Lupa, myself and some others went on a whole “#ifSPNstilldidthings” kick on twitter and you know what?  I’ll admit “putting one of the show’s own merchandise in the show” would have fitted in with that hashtag.  But I’m torn as I can’t decide whether that moment alone was hilarious gutsy or too far in the “look how clever we are” department.

But I appreciate you trying to get some of that wacky, “let’s do it!” feel of the show.  On the other hand you guys need to avoid this habit of throwing away important plot details.  Michael dismissed from the show with a THROWAWAY LINE? (yes I’m still bitter about how Death’s scythe was apparently thrown away)  No, you need to do more with that.  Heck if you guys really wanted to shake up the show, Michael should have been the one released, and have him twisted now after his time in the cage.  Maybe he actually agrees with Lucifer now and then seeks to free his brother?  Maybe he has a REAL hatred for Sam that Luci can’t equal.  You could have had the opportunity to set the boys against a real tactician again (something they haven’t faced since Leviathan).

Then there’s the canon…

Lucifer sending visions to Sam, ok I can sort of buy since they shared a body and a room in the cage for awhile, they have a “special connection” that gets around the usual rules – ok.  But Rowena?  Let me reminds you WAAAAAY back in episode 4.22, Azazel had to go through an entire ritual to get to talk to Lucifer, WHO HE WANTED TO TALK TO.  Now people can just get calls from him whenever?  And we went from an ENTIRE SEASON of breaking 66 seals to open the cage to now just needing an afternoon, a witch and a warm body?  Why didn’t Azazel use that before?  This is why you spend time earlier in the episode (or previous episode) having Rowena & Crowley & Sam go over the plan, talk about the spell, tell us AHEAD OF TIME the whole “a vessel could anchor him.”  Heck had y’all done that, it would have answered the Michael thing in one line: Michael still has his vessel, we summon him he’ll get loose, therefore let’s summon the one who can’t escape.  This genre has rules and conventions for a reason guys.  When you follow them, things usually end up better written.

I’m not sold on Castiel being Lucifer yet either (no matter how much fun it might be to watch Misha act the part).  There was a throwaway line (AGAIN) in season 9 that might allow this, but Luci is an archangel, there needs to be more to it. (not to mention that once angels were tied to bloodlines but I guess we’ve thrown that out) But regardless of that, you guys went and wasted a huge opportunity.  You’ve had Castiel doing nothing all season, he should have been the one to try and rally the angels for the smiting.  THEN when everything failed, when the DarknessTM finds him and KNOWS that he’s the one who lead the force that struck her and she doesn’t care, then it would be far more poignant and believable that he would be so beaten, so desperate as to let Lucifer take over his body (however that is supposed to work).

So in conclusion… it wasn’t a bad episode, there are individual moments that work pretty well but the whole story is still… a bit undercooked.  Keep working at it guys and gals, you all are on the right track you’re just not quite up to the original 5 quality yet.

Nate Winchester

P.S. The efforts to avoid mentioning S6 & S7 are growing comical now. I promise, you guys won’t die if you acknowledge them.

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