Episodes Reviewed – Plush & Just my Imagination

Hmm… 2 decent episodes in a row? Which show is this?


You know, when I reviewed Thin Lizzie, I almost made note of the fact that something should have been suspected when the episode started out on a ghost hunt since “the show doesn’t just do ghost stories any more.”

. . .

Touche, Supernatural.

Yes part of me does agree that it’s past time for American TV to adopt a 12-13 episode season as standard but until it does… I don’t object that strongly to most MotW episodes as long as they expand the universe I enjoy in an interesting (and more importantly: consistent) way.

So this episode… not as high quality as some of the best MotW, but definitely an improvement.  They brought back (and kept alive!) Donna and she’s a welcome smile to the show.  Some of the side characters were at least fleshed out to be more than 1 dimensional and the show hit a near pitch-perfect mix of scary & funny that it hasn’t even been on target for in years.

But what I liked most of the episode is that it ended up being a comment on our society’s seemingly inability to find simple pleasures or innocent joys in life any more (especially around children).  I’ve seen some commentators online wonder “what is the deal with Chester” and I think asking that question is missing the point.  There was no deal.  He was exactly what he seemed.  And yet our modern day trends of being unable to believe anything at face value ends up convicting and killing him.  This episode is, in a small way, a modern-day portrait of witch-trials, and ends up being far scarier than a blood-splattered bunny head.

Just My Imagination

Alright, let me be honest, I don’t have much of a brother “preference” like some fans.  But if you were to sit me down at an RPG table (seriously, anybody RPGing at the SPN nashville convention?) and forced me to pick an existing character, I would have to pick Dean – the ordinary blue-collar hero always appeals to me.

Then again, he hasn’t really been “ordinary” of late has he?  Yeah, I have to admit that Sam has really been getting the short end of the stick by the writers of late, UNTIL NOW!  And it’s good.  VERY good.  Like… Kripke S1-5 good. (first “Baby” now this?)  Actually Supernatural vs Drop Dead Fred (actual shout-out in the episode) is so brilliant, I’m surprised they didn’t go over it before.

And the idea of a creature coming to hunters for help… BRILLIANT!  I loved that so much especially given my usual hobby horse of talking about how hunters fill a necessary societal role that is not officiated.  So here we have creatures kind of backing up that point!

What else was good… Congrats to casting & filming, they managed to keep the friends from giving off an air of creepiness and make them seem like creatures of innocence (you know, the friends of children).  A touching story from the villain that damn near made me cry.  Some scenes with Sam seem like they should have been a discussion between him and his dad, but they made it work with Sully better than I was expecting. And the scene with the “invisible blood” was so ghoulishly hilarious, I felt like my old show was back.  I REALLY want to see outtakes from that actress trying to keep a straight face with that goop smeared across it.  Kudos to you for pulling it off!

The only thing that bugged me was Dean in the episode.  I hate to say it, but it almost became meta like he was more annoyed this wasn’t his episode than anything seemingly in character (but then I’m not sure what his character even has been of late).  And his speech at the end?  Dude, shut up and let the scene play out, you don’t have to interject yourself into everything.

Other than that, the episode was a magnificent triumph.


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