Episodes Reviewed – Thin Lizzie & Our Little World

Well I thought I might get to discuss these in a podcast but that’s still in development (much like my internet access at the moment).  So let’s try to catch up here!

Thin Lizzie

After the magnificence of “Baby,” I almost feel sorry for any story that had to follow it.  Still this wasn’t all bad and it running the line of MotW or arc story was impressive (seriously, there is a case to be made either way on which category this episode belongs).  At the very least we finally had the show acknowledge that not every soulless person reacts murderously.

Though to be honest it’s almost more of a shock for an episode to be a straight ghost story than something else.  At least this season the show seems to be putting more effort into the actual side characters instead of treating them like props.

All in all I’d call this episode… mediocre, but a high mediocrity, certainly far more improved than the mediocre of some of the previous seasons.  A C++ if you will.

Our Little World


Ok, I was all set to be a lot harsher on this episode, but then I read Alice’s review and she pointed out that it did, in fact, have some good, subtle continuity to it.  So don’t let me take away from that, I’m glad the show remembered all the stuff it did, but two things majorly bothered me.

1) Ok, I’m glad Sam remembered that there’s people inside those demons and is at least trying not to kill them all blindly, but taking them on BARE HANDED?  Remember back in Jus in Bello when the boys were also not trying to kill all the demons?  What did they do?  SALT!  They used salt rounds to drive the demons back!  (Once upon a time they also used holy water.)  What makes it really bad?  I could be wrong, but the gun Sam has used previously this season (especially while holding Rowena hostage) REALLY looks like a Taurus Judge (he may have borrowed it from one of the Campbells).  Now the Taurus Judge (which I have a soft spot for, my dad has one) has this neat feature of being able to load and fire .410 shotgun rounds.  In other words, Sam has a handgun THAT CAN SHOOT SALT! (that’s part of why when I was working out the equipment for the SPN ‘Verse, I drew inspiration from it for designing the captain’s gun and gave one to the medic)  And he DIDN’T BRING IT this episode when fighting demons and not wanting to kill them!  Once upon a time what made the dangers in the show seem real is that the boys worked hard to eek out every edge they could over their foes.  Now it’s almost like they’re aware they have character shields.

2) This is kind of 2 different, but related, complaints.  Namely, that when Dean went to face Amara & Crowley, he took Ruby’s knife.  Why?  We know the knife can only kill demons (so far) and even some of those can survive if they’re strong enough.  Sam has an angel blade, which we’ve seen take out even (ugh) Reapers.  They were told earlier that God & the archangels fought the DarknessTM.  Yeah, the blade probably isn’t an archangel one, but logically it would have a slightly higher chance of harming Amara than Ruby’s Knife, and it will DEFINITELY take out Crowley (while the knife is… questionable).  Then, THEN, Dean wonders how they’re going to kill Amara.

Now, I understand that, as humans, the boys won’t have the memory of every detail of their life like we, the viewers might have, but here’s some salient facts that Dean TOTALLY SHOULD F’N REMEMBER:

  • While speaking to Dean, Death said he was going to reap God.
  • The DarknessTM is God’s sister.

How can neither of them go, “man, where did we put Death’s scythe?  We better go get that.”  YOU JUST APPARENTLY KILLED DEATH WITH IT!  WHY DID YOU LEAVE IT LAYING AROUND?

(and yes, part of me is annoyed with the DarknessTM being God’s sibling as this makes it even more of a S5 rehash as well as the whole question of how does Death fit into this “family” now…)

No, this episode wasn’t as bad as most from S9, but the closing of it just bugged the tar out of me.  (I still can’t figure out how Metatron apparently knew all this about the DarknessTM but didn’t know the MoC kept it trapped.)


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