Episode Review – Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire

Well it started off with CCR, that always gets on my good side.

Nope.  Wait, let me do the negative first, then I’ll end on the positive.

The Bad:

  • Mind controlled, almost zombie like people?  The main bad guy talking about the “connection” they have with one of the heroes?  How they’re “linked”?  How is this not season 5 just with Sam’s story given to Dean?
  • Did they even bother with a flimsy excuse for why Sam’s unconscious this time?  I think it’s supposed to be the car shaking but… from the framing and filming of the scene it half looks like Sam just got bored with the scene and decided to take a nap until it all blows over.
  • Crowley’s story… what did it matter?  No really.  What killed some of what S5 was trying for was its tendency to do some MotW stories that didn’t even bother tying into the main.  If you want the audience to have a sense of oppressing, crushing horror from an ongoing plot, you have to be very judicious in doling out irrelevant moments.
  • Castiel’s story – if Dean gets to be S5 Sam this season, then so far it looks like Castiel gets to be last season’s Dean-with-the-Mark.  Only they put a bit more effort into effects showing his struggle, but still haven’t really explained how anything is supposed to work.  I would feel bad for him, if it didn’t come off like the only thing Cas needs is some Clearasil and Xanax.
  • So through a lot of this episode we get some characters (Crowley and Cas in particular IIRC) making reference to “the DarknessTM.”  So in previous seasons, nobody knew anything about the Mark of Cain one way or the other and couldn’t offer ANY help on it, BUT it seems like everybody who was helping our main characters knew OF the DarknessTM, that which the MoC locks away.

The good:

  • The show opened with Credence Clearwater Revival, that’s always a win in my book.
  • Bright sunny shots among a field of flowers?  Darkly lit hospital shots?  I applaud this episode for giving us a wide variety in cinematography.  Very much.
  • The show actually SHOWED some things!  (like MoC on the WomanTM, and MoC on the BabyTM)  Too much has the show of late done… well not even telling, I’d call it “mumbling” where they neither tell nor show us anything and let the audience do all the work the writers are supposed to (good example: Sam’s infection – was it on purpose to hunt for the cure or did Sam lie on the phone to Dean? can’t tell from the scene).  So yay!
  • While irrelevant, the Crowley bits were still kind of funny and character appropriate.
  • OMG they boys are actually going to try being heroes again!

    As they say, I don’t need them to be perfect heroes who always win the day (that’s what I watch Flash for), but it would be nice to see them actually try like they did long ago when I first fell in love with the show.
  • I liked that they remembered that all the archangels are in the cage and there SHOULD be some kind of fit going on if the DarknessTM is released. (Canon!  It’s a novelty now!)
  • Good on the show for having the boys actually put in some investigation effort to try and uncover what’s going on.  When was the last time their brains had a work out?

So in general I’d say the positives did outweigh the negatives so far.  If the show can keep up this direction through the season, we might finally be on track.  Let’s see how episode 2 turns out…


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