Thoughts on SPN S11 trailer

Well, I have not intended to go this long without posting but things just keep interrupting.

What can I do real quick?

Alright everybody!  Time to play the drinking game!

Let’s see… lots of random civilians dead in a disturbed environment?

Castiel going mental on his former allies?

Black goop spewing out and changing people?

Oh it looks like the players want to use “ancient black-thing released” to go for yahtzee but the judges are denying it.  So we’ve got 4 drinks for the season 7 rerun team!

Round 2… Sam blaming himself/at fault?

People attacking violently in an almost zombie-like fashion?

Looks like the Season 5 rerun team has only 2 drinks tonight.

Hang on, we’re getting an interruption.  Looks like the season 4 rerun team has pointed out that rapid cuts to dark, red-lit rooms implying torture.  The judges are consulting… YES! They are giving that one as an echo of season 4, the team gets to take their drink.


Seriously though, the DarknessTM?  I mean say what you will, but in S7, the “Leviathan” had the advantage of being named after something distinctive, which a lot of people had probably a vague recollection of hearing once.  Which played up to the new monsters because they played the unknown, quiet infiltrators.

The DarknessTM?  That’s not distinctive.  That’s the name of a villain from a corny cartoon show like My Little Pony (and not the cool, Friendship is Magic version, the older, dorkier ones).  Judging from the promo clip, it’s not even doing anything unique save what croatan infectees once did and (if we’re honest) the way demons kind of should be (you know… evil).

I don’t know.  If my “divisible by 3” rule of seasons hold up, then we’re still 1 more season away from a really, truly atrocious one.  Still, my instinct is saying this is going to shape up to just be a train wreck.  If Carver had demonstrated any effort previously at weaving together intricate tales and making it all work…

Oh it may not be in the ratings, but in the sense of writing?  Artistic integrity?  Train wreck.

But you know what?  I hope I’m wrong.


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