Episode Review – The Prisoner

Alright, the winner of the “why isn’t Charlie getting rez’d” betting pool is…

Not even that he needs the parts or anything, but holding and operating a scalpel and all is tricky.  It’s good to get in some practice before application if for no other reason than to ensure you don’t hurt yourself.

You wonder if the show has forgotten that… (heck one of those times WAS LAST YEAR!)

Also, this brings up another good point: Why does Cas have his grace?  No, honestly.  Look back and check: how often has having his grace really affected the plot? (usually it’s to explain “quick healing,” but you could answer that with some kind of artifact or spell in the bunker)  Now how many times has him having grace NEGATIVELY affected the plot?  If anything, it seems like the show would be a lot better off had they kept Castiel mortal.  Hell he acts like it 80% of the time anyway so what would really change?

Let’s go over the times he could’ve killed Crowley!

  • When he handed the First Blade back over to the big crow.  yeah, some might say “it wouldn’t have worked” if Sam did that, but could he at least TRY?
  • All the times Crowley’s been in arms’ reach and Sam didn’t even go for Ruby’s knife or an angel blade.
  • Heck, why not melt an angel blade into bullets, then you can just shoot, Crowley?
  • After killing Abaddon. WHILE CROWLEY WAS TRAPPED BY A DEVIL’S TRAP BULLET!  In fact, Sam & Dean KEPT SAYING that Crowley was dead as soon as Abaddon was.  Abaddon’s dead!  Crowley is LITERALLY a sitting duck!  WHY DIDN’T YOU KILL HIM?

This bugs me at times when shows do the whole “illuminati” thing.  When the secret society has something (tech, magic, etc) that they can massively used, and which would make the society RICHER and MORE powerful if they marketed that thing legitimately and they don’t bother.  Like I said, the Stein’s could probably run the world if they just bothered establishing clinics everywhere.  But no.  Monsanto in the real world acts more powerful and controlling than these guys!

(yes, someone reminded me, epi 200 – that’s how much of a non-entity that thing was)

Yeah, I’ve started to lose so much empathy for the boys, that part of me now half wants to see Sam become Lucifer and then just bitch slap Crowley around.

I mean, how much stuff do they have that can kill him?  But no, Sam pulls out Ruby’s knife.  Never mind AN ANGEL BLADE WHICH CAN KILL REAPERS NOW!  Nah let’s give the King of Hell a fighting chance.


Was this episode great?  Oh hell no.  99% of it runs on everybody being complete idiots and giving their enemies a fair shot.  Yeah there was some visceral delight in watching Dean go all Liam Neeson on the Steins, just because the Steins had been painted so unlikable – and heck it was halfway nice to see SOMEBODY (anybody) pay for their mistakes finally.

Then there’s Castiel and Charlie… Gadreel, inside Sam, rezed Charlie from death LAST! SEASON!  So it can’t be the fall from Heaven that’s hindered the angel’s rez skillz.  And Castiel JUST got back his own grace, so they don’t even have the excuse of “you can rez on stolen grace.”  See, here’s the thing about writing: If you want the audience to feel sorry for a character, you do that by having them try every option, THEN failing.  When they try no options and just “give up,” that doesn’t garner sympathy, it garners laughter and exasperation.  If angels can’t rez any more ESTABLISH THAT FACT!  I’ll say it before and I’ll say it again: If the writers don’t care about the characters or plot, why in the world should the audience?

Oh wait, this episode was written by Andrew Dabb, the same guy that so totally screwed up last season’s 22nd episode.  You know what?  I’m going to say it.  The worst insult I can imagine: Andrew Dabb is the Brannon Braga of Supernatural.

Heh, maybe part of why I ended up enjoying this episode is because Dean vs Stein felt a lot like what I want to do with the writers sometime (well more metaphorically, really).  They’re mutilating the story, rules of writing, and the general show universe like the Steins do to others.  It would be nice to see Dean step up and fight back.


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