Episode Review – Angel Heart

Next up in my catch up week… Episode 10.20, “Angel Heart.”

Really the show’s had so many “world’s in trouble” arcs for so many seasons now, it would really be to the benefit for it to take a step back, breathe, and focus again on the lives of ordinary people.  Heck one could get an entire season’s worth just from the boys trying to clean up from S5, 6, 7, and 9.

Some days I think the MoC is just an excuse for the writers to do whatever they want to with Dean, characterization be damned.

But see?  These small moments of human connection?  The show’s been needing those desperately of late.

Again, a nice, “old fashioned” moment from the show that has been missing a lot since at least S7.

Yeah… Dean’s always been a bit of a roughhouser in the show.

Would have been nice to see Dean twig out JUST a bit at seeing the familiar picture.  Oh don’t believe me?  Screenshot from episode 5.01Screenshot from this episode.

Really why did we bother with this whole “Cas-Grace” thing if they’re just going to treat him like an ordinary person anyway?

This makes me so mad.  Not the whole “angels gaining power from souls” thing, that was established back in S6 so no big deal there but just… reducing them to another “MotW” that feeds on people by cutting them up.  Instead of like… sticking people’s minds into a lotus eater machine and then drawing power from the soul in a more horrifying, metaphysical way.  You know, LIKE THIS THING!

Also this totally makes Godstiel look worse in the beginning of S7.  I mean, Cas has phenomenal cosmic powers… and then runs around striking down preachers that say mean things, INSTEAD OF ANGELS ACTUALLY HARMING AND FEEDING ON HUMANS?  Or what about last season, did the spell rip away their wings?  Why didn’t Metatron go after them if he wanted to play the hero?  Or Castiel this season with his “hunt for rogue angels” that we’ve never seen any sign of harming anybody?  See, a bad retcon is one that makes previous canon and characters WORSE than they were before.

I mean Jean-Luc Picard was 1 borg among a horde and he was still recognized as “Locutus” by borg for years after being disconnected.  How does the reputation of these 3 not precede them when it comes to angels and demons?

There is NO EXCUSE for this!  Even if the boys had taken 1 too many head injuries and hadn’t thought about it, Castiel SAW CROWLEY INVENT THEM!  How can he claim to be fond of the boys and then not give them some obvious tool knowledge that would help keep them alive???

Yes it’s another example of breaking canon, but it doesn’t unravel further facts and can be handwaved with minimum effort (like their reunion being a special favor by the angels after everything they’ve gone through for Heaven’s sake).


So… yeah.  Where the episode broke canon, as always it was just horrible and wretched.  Where the episode stepped outside the main characters and examined other people, it was really good.  Of course those moments where when the show remembered canon PROPERLY…

Hm.  Maybe there’s a lesson there…


2 thoughts on “Episode Review – Angel Heart

  1. Soul-mates can stay together in heaven. In 5×16 Ash tells them that “special cases” like “soul-mates” are put together and share a heaven with each other.

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